HalloweenTime is just around the corner–well, not really, but Disney Merchandising would have you believe it–and the the colors of orange, black, green and purple are filling store shelves around the parks.

Meanwhile, Disneyland continues working hard and fast on its new Star Wars-themed land with upward construction continuing to rise and this time downward construction with new foundations being dug for more buildings. The project is truly massive and continues to creep further south, this time along the tram route with massive amounts of infrastructure work including what seems like miles and miles of pipes.

Disney California Adventure continues to mosey on through the summer and although cranes could be seen from the esplanade poking above the park, they were actually across the street at the Anaheim Convention Center which is also in the middle of massive expansion and construction. The perfect summer weather had a lot of the wildlife basking in the sun and we also do another little merchandise run.

All of this and more int his week’s pictorial update! Enjoy!

Main Street Electrical Parade Glows Again

If you missed it earlier this week, Disneyland confirmed that the popular Main Street Electrical Parade will be leaving Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom this fall for a “limited engagement” in early 2017 at Disneyland Park.

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Star Wars Themed Land

A panorama of the goings on…

Tom Sawyer Island

Looks like scaffolding and tarps went back up around the old Mill on Tom Sawyer Island. A lot of people on social media were not fans of the new green and red scheme that debuted a few weeks ago. Is Disney tweaking the final result?

Tarps remain on the smaller out-houses on the eastern tip of the island.

Tarps went back up on the smaller cabin last week.

Crowsnest is finally revealed.

Finishing touches continue on the river-touching elements.


Crate signs are appearing once again.

Painting on the patina.

Not a lot of visible progress towards the back of the island.

Mine Train tunnel has survived demolition and maybe has new paint?

Not much progress on the eastern side of the island although the Sailing Ship Columbia has moved again…

SS Columbia back in her berth and appearing much shorter… looks like she’s not eating her vegetables while she’s on vacation.

No hoisting the sails for now.

Around Disneyland

Market House Starbucks still under wraps.

Walls are down around the Frontierland Shootin’ Exposition.

Hard to tell what exactly was done.

Scaffolding is still up backstage between Adventureland and Frontierland.

The transition between Frontierland and Adventureland done via planter! Notice the fences change.

All aboooard for the wildest ride in the wilderness. Or is it wildest ride in the wiiiiiilderness.

Different view of Big Thunder Mountain.

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Facades at the New Orleans Square / Frontierland Train Station are behind scaffolding for some TLC.

Water tower still under wraps.

The sign on Mickey’s ToonTown Depot has been removed.

Everybody knows about the orange trees that formerly stood at Disneyland but there were also olive trees too!

This little bird enjoys a break in front of Sleeping Beauty Castle. Disney nature at its best!

Turtle sunbathing in the moat.

Shady respite for Mrs. Duck.

Mid-day naps.

Even gigantic cockroaches are part of the Disney nature family. Like this one in the glassblock wall of the restrooms near “it’s a small world.” Wall-E‘s best friend was a cockroach!

Car for a Car Toon Spin?

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Bumping into royalty happens from time to time in the most magical of kingdoms. Hello, Princess Aurora! Sleeping Beauty herself!

Peter Pan decided Aurora should wear a new crown.

Summer traffic jam.

No popcorn for you.

Walls up around the planters at the Main Street Train Station.

You can still go up to the platform.

Beautiful day!

Busted Tees New Release Sale!

HalloweenTime Creeps In

Disney Halloween Time starts September 9, 2016 at the Disneyland Resort, find out more here. Merchandise has already begun to appear on store shelves everywhere.

Speaking of Halloween Time festivities, you can enjoy a fanciful TRICK OR TEA service at the Disneyland Hotel’s Steakhouse 55 from September 30 – October 30. Make reservations at Disneyland.com/dine or by calling 714-781-DINE.

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Halloween Time Merchandise

For all the aspiring Mini Minnie witches out there!

This isn’t specifically for Disney’s Halloween Time but this is obviously domain of the Disney Villains!

Keep your friends close…

…but your enemies closer, darling.

Merchandise Run

Wrong holiday!

Diploma selfie.

Disney trash can ornaments. Too bad none of these designs actually appear on Disneyland trash cans… =\

Love this! Ceramic. About $26.

All these plush have extra long fluffy tails for your boa/scarf needs. Wearing furs is so… Cruella.

Fancy a litter of key-toting pirate pooch pups?

New shorts style Mickey on Pirates of the Caribbean merch.

Pirate plushies.

Ah, but dead man DO tell tales says Davy Jones-ah.

Mirror of Erised?


Have you met Shellie Mae?

Oh. Hi.

Purchase with Purchase.

All of your Oswald-related merchandise needs are handled at Disney California Adventure.

Cranes visible over Disney California Adventure but they are across the street at the Anaheim Convention Center.

But wait, there’s more!

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