In the anything-goes Disney world of rebooting animated films as live-action flicks, it seems THE LITTLE MERMAID is the latest to be rumored in production according to Deadline. Not to be confused with Universal’s version starring Chloe Grace Moretz, this one from Disney will be a reboot of their classic animated tail–er tale.

What might get fans’ heads out of the clouds and under the water for this new Disney version is the news that Alan Menken is not only returning for the musical new project but that he’d be working with 2016’s most ubiquitous singer, songwriter extraordinaire Lin-Manuel Miranda.


‘MARY POPPINS RETURNS’ sequel to star Emily Blunt and Lin-Manuel Miranda

It would seem that the Mouse is welcoming Miranada into the family with arms wide open as the accomplished award winner is currently involved with with another Disney princess in the upcoming MOANA due out this year plus the recent announcement that he will be starring opposite Emily Blunt in the new sequel to MARY POPPINS.

This year, three additional reboots opened in theaters including THE JUNGLE BOOK, ALICE THROUGH THE LOOKING GLASS and PETE’S DRAGON. Plus, early next year Disney debuts its live action BEAUTY AND THE BEAST on March 17, 2017.

Disney is in the middle of a seemingly lucrative era of taking classic animated films and re-imagining them as live-action reboots. Other already announced live-action reboots of animated properties include CRUELLA, TINKER BELL, and DUMBO projects as well as sequels to existing reboots including MALEFICENT 2 and THE JUNGLE BOOK 2.

Disney has already confirmed live action fairy tales to be released on July 28, 2017, April 6, 2018 and December 20, 2019, could we be visiting Ariel, Ursula and King Triton during one of those dates?

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Image below is NOT official artwork by Disney, it’s a piece created by artist Jirka VInse Jonatan Väätäinen.