Over the past few days, San Diego Comic-Con has been releasing its roster of panels taking place from July 20-24 this year and we’ve been taking a closer look for all the Disney-related goings on. Now that the full schedule for #SDCC has been released, we’ve compiled a list of the must-see events that Disney fans will not want to miss at the con!


Moana: Art of Story
12:30pm – 1:30pm, Room 6A

Legendary directors Ron Clements (Little Mermaid, Aladdin, Hercules, Treasure Planet, Princess and the Frog) and John Musker (Little Mermaid, Aladdin, Hercules, Treasure Planet, Princess and the Frog) lead a panel of artists as they give a behind-the-scenes look at Walt Disney Animation Studios’ upcoming animated comedy-adventure Moana, a sweeping, CG-animated feature film about an adventurous teenager who sails out on a daring mission to save her people. Once on her journey, Moana meets the once-mighty demigod Maui, who guides her in her quest to become a master wayfinder. Together,V they sail across the open ocean on an action-packed voyage, and along the way, Moana fulfills the ancient quest of her ancestors and discovers the one thing she’s always sought: her own identity.

Marvel’s Luke Cage
5:45pm – 6:45pm, Ballroom 20

The cast of the upcoming Netflix original series Marvel’s Luke Cage make their first-ever appearance, answering questions and giving fans a look at exclusive footage from the highly anticipated series, ahead of its September 30 global debut on Netflix. Moderated by Jeph Loeb (executive producer and Marvel’s Head of Television).

“Feed Your Head: The VFX of Alice Through the Looking Glass”
10:00 AM – Room 6A

Leap into the journey through the VFX process of Alice Through the Looking Glass. Alice’s esteemed VFX team leads HALON Entertainment’s Tefft Smith II and VFX editor Ed W. Marsh will take the audience through scene building, shooting, and the final VFX process by breaking down some of Underland’s most complex sequences. This panel will debut exclusive footage not seen in the theater.


Beauty and the Beast: 25th Anniversary
4:30pm – 5:30pm, Room 5AB

Oscar-nominated producer Don Hahn, directors Gary Trousdale and Kirk Wise, and an all-star panel of filmmakers discuss the making of the Disney classic Beauty and the Beast, the first animated film to be nominated for an Academy Award for Best Picture.

Marvel Television: Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D
3:00pm – 4:00pm, Ballroom 20

Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D executive producer and head of Marvel Television Jeph Loeb and cast members Clark Gregg, Ming-Na Wen, Chloe Bennet, Henry Simmons, Elizabeth Henstridge, and Iain De Caestecker, co-creators and executive producersJed Whedon and Maurissa Tancharoen, and executive producer Jeff Bell share the secrets, lies, and dangers of making season 3! See exclusive footage and surprise moments, and be the first to learn what’s in store for season 4! The action-packed series from Marvel Television returns this fall, only on ABC.

I’m from Another Dimension: Disney XD’s Star vs. the Forces of Evil
12:00pm – 1:00pm, Room 25ABC

Creator Daron Nefcy, creative director Dominic Bisignano, supervising directorAaron Hammersley, and series stars dive into the magical universe of Star vs. The Forces of Evil. Find out what is in the store for Star and her new wand this upcoming season. See exclusive clips from the shows, as well as an audience Q&A. The panel will also feature sneak peeks of new animated shows coming soon!

Disney XD’s Penn Zero: Part-Time Hero and The 7D
2:30pm – 3:30pm, Room 5AB

Join the creators of Disney XD’s animated series Penn Zero: Part-Time Hero and The 7D. Panelists include show creators Sam Levine (Penn) and friends, Tom Warburtonand Tom Ruegger (The 7D). See exclusive clips from the shows. The panel will also feature sneak peeks of brand new animated shows coming soon.

Cartoon Legends Speak: Diversity in the History of Animation
1:30pm – 2:30pm, Room 24ABC

A panel featuring great artists including Disney Legend and first African American animator hired at Walt Disney Studios, Floyd Norman (The Jungle Book, Monsters, Inc), first African American animator to get a screen credit and award-winning illustratorRon Husband (The Rescuers, The Little Mermaid), Japanese American and Inkpot winnerWillie Ito (Lady and the Tramp, The Flintstones), Jane Baer (Sleeping Beauty, Roger Rabbit), and Emmy Award-winning Mexican American animator Phil Roman(Sleeping Beauty, The Simpsons). They’ll discuss their careers, their futures, and how diversity has played a role in their artistic lives. Moderated by Leslie Combemale of Animation Scoop.

Star Wars: The Science Awakens
10:00am – 11:00am, Room 7ABonce

Could Lightsabers ever be a reality? How would Starkiller Base work in the real world? Which droid would NASA select for a real mission? Fon Davis (production designer, Star Wars Movies), Kim Steadman (NASA engineer, Mars Science Lab),Kieran Dickson (editor, Outerplaces), Travis Langley (editor, Star Wars Psychology),Steve Huff (fight choreographer), and moderator Jenna Busch (Legion of Leia) break down the science behind a galaxy far far away, field your burning questions and give away a prize or two.


Marvel Studios
5:30pm – 6:45pm, Hall H

Marvel Studios president and producer Kevin Feige and special guests provide an inside look at the ever expanding Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Once Upon A Time
10:00am – 10:45am, Ballroom 20

The Evil Queen is back! The heroes of Once Upon a Time grapple with the return of this super-charged classic villain, while also dealing with Mr. Hyde and the new arrivals from the Land of Untold Stories. And as your favorite Storybrooke residents help to find happy endings for these lost and forgotten stories, they’ll discover that they have some untold stories of their own. Co-creators/executive producers Edward Kitsis (Lost) and Adam Horowitz (Lost) and cast members discuss the upcoming season of unexpected twists, evolving characters, new adventures, and new rivalries, with moderator Yvette Nicole Brown. Don’t want miss the exclusive sneak peek at what’s in store for the upcoming season!

Marvel: Cup O’Joe
3:00pm – 4:00pm, Room 6A

Here is your chance for a Q&A with Marvel’s chief creative officer Joe Quesada and a no-holds-barred panel on everything Marvel. Got a question about a favorite hero? Want to hear the latest developments on Marvel’s Star Warsor Marvel NOW! titles? This panel has you covered! Featuring VP of international development C. B. Cebulski and director of content & character development Sana Amanat, along with Jason Aaron (Star Wars, Doctor Strange), Kieron Gillen (Darth Vader), and other Mighty Marvel guests.

Marvel Animation
12:30pm, Room 6A

Join Marvel Animation for an eye-popping, toe-tapping, heart-stopping panel celebrating Marvel’s acclaimed animated series Marvel’s Ultimate Spider-Man vs. The Sinister Six,Marvel’s Avengers: Ultron Revolution, and Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy. Hosted by “Cantankerin” Cort Lane (SVP, animation and family entertainment),“Evil-Eyed” Eric Randomski(SVP, production and creative director, Marvel Animation), and “Stephen” Wacker (VP, current series & development, Marvel Animation), this jamboree will feature exclusive sneak peeks from upcoming episodes and scoop on exciting new projects in development. Plus: special guests who have already secretly RSVP’ed.

Disney XD’s Pickle and Peanut & Future Worm
2:30pm – 3:30pm, Room 5AB

Join the creators and stars of Disney XD’s animated series Pickle and Peanut and upcoming series Future Worm!Panelists include show creators Noah Jones and Joel Trussell (Pickle and Peanut) and Ryan Quincy (Future Worm!). See exclusive clips from the shows, as well as sneak peeks of new animated shows coming soon.


Disney Kingdoms: Theme Park Stories with Marvel Comics
1:30pm – 2:30pm, Room 8

The creators of the popular Disney Kingdoms imprint by Marvel discuss what makes this collaborative relationship of theme park storytelling in comic books so much fun. Expect anecdotes on the development of previous titles as well as a glimpse at what is next to come.

Disney Pin Trading and Collecting: A Whole New Online World
3:00pm – 4:00pm, Pacific 24, North Tower, Marriott Marquis & Marina

Lenny Schas (CEO PinPics), Christian Hoff (actor), Holland Hayes (actor), Chris Henning (artist), Terri Trainor (lead programmer), and Sandi Bois (avatar characters) explore the current and exciting future of the next-generation online world of pin trading and collecting.

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