The Villas at Disneyland Hotel have finally opened and they welcome a whole new pool area that is unique to the new Discovery Tower but also accessible to all Disneyland Hotel guests. From a swimming pool and spa hot tub to a splash water play area there’s leisurely fun in store for the whole family. Eventually, a new Palm Breeze Bar will be added offering a mix of food and drink options.

The photos and information in this article are from a stay on September 30, 2023.

What Awaits

The new pool area for the Discover Tower of The Villas at the Disneyland Hotel features several distinct features including the Palette Pool inspired by a painter’s palette. The recognizable shape of the pool evokes the artit’s signature tool while a colorful pergola uses sunlight to cast a mixed blend of colors as if a painter has blended together paints and inks. Nearby, the Steamboat Willie Splash play area features Mickey Mouse in his landmark role with gentle fountains and coordinated lights to bring a colorful splash to the monotone cartoon.

Other features include a spa hot tub, seating areas, along with a bunch of loungers, poolside service, and even a nearby grilling area if you’re venturing to cook up your own barbecue. The pool hours are 9am to 9pm.


Wristbands and Life Vests

The pool areas of the Disneyland Hotel are only for registered guests and a wristband is required to be in the area and to use the facilities. Upon entering the pool area at The Villas at Disneyland Hotel, you’ll find a pool host podium where you can secure your pool wristband. Simply show your pool key to snag your band. The wristband color changes every day so you’ll need a new wristband every day of your trip.

This is also where you can pick up a life vest in a few different sizes for adventurous water babies ready to make a splash. Hopefully they don’t get scared by the almost Tim Burton-esque mid-century-style pink planter!

You CAN continue to use the pool after your 11am check-out time. Just make sure to go to the Front Desk before hand to get a specific Pool Key that will continue to work for the day.



Palette Pergola

There are a bunch of seating options all around the pool although the attention-grabbing spots are going to be the ones under the Palette Pool pergola which has colorful translucent panes that cast a colorful blend of colors when the sun shines through them on to the chairs below.


20231001_131755 20231001_131813 20231001_131741 20231001_144802


Seating Areas

There are several types of lounging areas around the Palette Pool including traditional lounge chairs, regular sitting/reading chairs, plus conversation areas with couches and dining areas with tables. As with most Disneyland Hotel pool features, there may be a short supply on especially busy days.


20231001_162352 20231001_133650


Garden Rooms

A very small inventory of “Garden Rooms” are available which are comprised of Deluxe Studio and Duo Studio accommodations that are in this small building that is separate from the main Discovery Tower. These rooms come at a slight premium over regular Deluxe or Duo rooms because they are just steps from the pool. They all feature either a small patio or balcony area.


20231001_131500 20231001_131502

Steamboat Willie Splash

As the copyright expiration on Steamboat Willie nears closer and closer, it seems Disney is finding more ways to prove that they are still invested in using the likeness of that character. Either way, he serves as the focus for a small water play area that includes gentle waves of water at the bow of the steamboat with a rainbow trail of colorfully-lit fountains leaving a wake at the stern.

Despite various ways to get wet in this area, we were surprised that none of the features here were interactive. Still, the gentle flow of water throughout makes this an ideal splash pad for toddlers and up. The water was also quite warm making it all the more inviting.


20231001_131435 20231021_173142 20231001_131715 20231001_131659



Steamboat Willie Splash Rules:

  • No food, beverages or glass in water feature or on water feature wet deck
  • Children should not use water feature without adult supervision
  • For safety, diaper-age children must wear swim diapers
  • Shower before entering
  • Hours are 9am to 9pm


Palette Pool

The focal point of the whole area is the Palette Pool which features several entry points making for an easy dip from no matter where you are in the pool area.


20231001_145052 20231001_131923


20231001_131941 20231001_131930


Disneyland Hotel Pool Rules:

  • No food or beverages in pool
  • No glass in or around the pool area
  • Children should not use pool without adult supervision
  • For safety, diaper-age children must wear swim diapers
  • Shower before entering the pool
  • Do not swallow the pool water
  • No running in the pool area
  • U.S. Coast Guard approved life vests only
  • For aquatic chair lift access to the swimming pool, please contact a lifeguard
  • Pool max occupancy is 133 people
  • Pool hours are 9am to 9pm


Spa / Hot Tub


20231022_143300 20231022_143237

Palm Breeze Bar

The Palm Breeze Bar is still under construction and not quite ready yet.


20230930_115240 20230930_115230

Poolside Dining

Poolside service is available offering the same menu from the other pool areas.


20230930_115610 20230930_115618 20230930_115626

Grilling Area

If you are looking to turn up the heat and grill something then the grilling area is a hop, skip, and a jump from the pool area making it pretty ideal for a day by the pool.


20230930_121843 20230930_121907 20230930_121913 20230930_122124


More to Explore

In-between the pool and grilling area is an outdoor rinse shower plus the restrooms which include a men’s and women’s restroom with a shower each plus a companion restroom. The water fountain features a bottle filling station.


20231001_133146 20231001_133223 20231001_133227 20231001_133608


More Options

If you’re looking for more ways to relax, soak and splash you have the option to visit any of the other existing pool areas including the E-Ticket feature pool, D-Ticket lap pool, and the Monorail Pool with slides.



See it for Yourself

The Villas at Disneyland Hotel officially opened on September 28, 2023. Reservations are now open (VISIT SITE).

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