Loki has been surprising park guests week after week with outfits at AVENGERS CAMPUS that correspond to the outfits he dons on his self titled show on Disney+. Today, YET ANOTHER exclusive look has been revealed!


LOKI is burdened with a glorious wardrobe, revealing yet another look for AVENGERS CAMPUS

The character has already been seen in the park wearing both a TVA prisoner jumpsuit and also a TVA agent uniform keeping in step with looks he debuts on the show. Other MCU updates have also been spotted with Black Widow donning a white suit just like the one in her upcoming movie.

Other upcoming characters from the MCU have also been promised including those from SHANG-CHI AND THE LEGEND OF THE TEN RINGS and ETERNALS. For the latter title, a recent casting notice sought look-alikes for the characters of Kingo, Sersi, Phastos,

See it for Yourself

AVENGERS CAMPUS Marvel-themed land at Disney California Adventure is now open!

LOKI on Disney+ is streaming now!

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