In light of recent announcements for Star Wars entertainment at Walt Disney World, the Disneyland Resort will soon also be getting some temporary galaxy-crushing entertainment of its own with the oddly timed announcement for Star Wars ForceTasmic!

Following the story of Mickey Mouse as he pursues his dream of becoming a Jedi, the show will highlight almost forty years of Star Wars pop-culture spanning movies, television, and beyond. The show will utilize new effects including a massive new Death Star sequence on the island complete with laser effects and fountain projections.

The bizarre overlay will thankfully be temporary and promises to ignite the Rivers of America ahead of the opening of the yet-to-be-named Star Wars land. 

Star Wars ForceTasmic! is set to debut with the launch of Holidays at the Disneyland Resort on November 18, 2016. It is expected to run until at least the summer opening of the new Star Wars expansion.

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‘Star Wars ForceTasmic!’ Ignites a Galaxy Far, Far Away at the Disneyland® Resort

Our friends at Star Wars agree that the Force is strong at the Disneyland Resort. Fellow Disney Parks Blog author has given you a look at some of the unique new New Star Wars Nighttime Spectaculars and now we’re excited to announce Star Wars ForceTasmic!.

Utilizing the same technologies and storytelling techniques as Fantasmic!, the plot and soundtrack of the new show will be much the same as the old show however all elements referencing Disney Feature Animation will be replaced. The Star Wars-themed version will incorporate the good guys, bad guys, beasts and beauties of the Lucasfilm pantheon into a twenty-four minute extravaganza that would make the Mos Eisley Cantina band members blush.

Star Tours Mickey leads the Fantasmic! crew into Hyperspace. ©Disney/Lucasfilm™

Mysteries and Magic, Visions Force-tastic

As the area lights dim, a familiar chorus of voices harmonize to the opening strains of Imagination, recalling Healey’s beloved melody, until a brass fanfare signals the powerful beginning of John Williams’ Star Wars title music (that’s when the journey into all things Star Wars truly begins). Water screens illuminate in a sequence of galactic vistas that pan the star systems while scrolling text prefaces the scenes to come. To please the multitudes of faithful and diverse Star Wars fans, there will be a veritable buffet of variations, including:

You’re a jittery little thing, aren’t you? ©Disney/Lucasfilm™

A neon menagerie of dancing Ewoks, Gamorreans and a life-size Rancor puppet, dancing to a K-Pop remix of the original ending song from Episode VI: Return of the Jedi.

Many kids first Star Wars experience is through LEGO®. ©Disney/Lucasfilm™

“I Need No Strings (to lift the rock)” sung by LEGO® Yoda with LEGO® Droids backup dancers, some of the largest LEGO® minifigs ever produced.

…I know. ©Disney/Lucasfilm™

Happily Ever After with Star Wars’ couples: Rey and Finn, Padme and Anakin, and Han and Leia. All new songs by Kristen Anderson-Lopez and Robert Lopez.

My kind of scum. ©Disney/Lucasfilm™

The original Ursula float returns, re-skinned as a fully animatronic Jabba the Hutt.

Did Mussorgsky ever think his work would be so popular with the aqua set? ©Disney/Lucasfilm™

Night on Bald Mountain is reprised with Disney INFINITY 3.0 Kylo Ren as the demon summoning the spirits of the Empire and First Order.

Have You Felt It?

In the ultimate battle between good and evil, Darth Vader will confront the Mouse-to-be-Jedi and offer an apprenticeship to learn the power of the Dark Side. When Mickey refuses, Vader responds to the dreamer saying, “If you cannot be turned, Disneyland will be destroyed!”

“Oh no!” Mickey squeaks as a ninety-nine foot tall Death Star rises above the main stage of Tom Sawyer Island. The super laser fires a single blast at the river, setting ablaze the water’s surface in acrid green flames.  Suddenly, com chat is heard over the airwaves and X-Wings, illuminated by underwater digital projectors, join the fight. Tie Fighters, led by Darth Vader, engage to repel the attacking rebels.

Just when it seems Vader might turn the tide, the Millennium Falcon swoops in, clips Vader’s wing and wipes away the Imperial defenders. “You’re all clear Mickey, now let’s blow this thing and go home,” Han radios to the hero as the starships exit offstage.

Buoyed by the assist, Mickey draws his special lightsaber, turns to the ultimate weapon and says “The ability to destroy a planet is insignificant next to the power of the Force.” He launches a proton torpedo at the battle station- it’s a direct hit! Water screens, fireworks, strobe lights, laser lights, smoke, mirrors, and Glow with the Show ears go absolutely manic. Tympani’s pound as the Death Star, defeated, disappears.

Nothing is more Powerful than the Force

This is MY ‘Star Wars’ dream. ©Disney/Lucasfilm™

 After the Mark Twain circles carrying a band of happy heroes, Jedi Master Mickey ascends to the top of Harper’s Mill to conduct the dramatic finale, to the tune of the “Throne Room” music from Episode IV: A New Hope.  Before disappearing into a flash of bright white, the host bids goodnight to the crowd with the salutation, “May the force be with you, hu-huh!” The area lights re-illuminate and careful observers will notice that the old yellow/navy crowd control costumes have been swapped for vintage Star Tours orange flight suits, now branded with the Forcetasmic! logo.

Got A Bad Feeling About This?

Ever expanding the cross-over opportunities, Forcetasmic! is only the first in a series of Star Wars overlays scheduled to raid Disneyland’s classic attractions. Stay tuned for future news about It’s a Small Galaxy (Far Away), Finding Jar-Jar Submarine Voyage, Winnie the Pooh’s Ultimate Lightsaber Cagematch, The Enchanted Wookie Room, Casa de Sandcrawler featuring the Jawa Kid, and Great Moments with Mr. Lucas.