Cosplay has always been one of the best parts of going to a con. Sure, there’s the showfloor, the exhibits, the panels, the celebrity appearances… but nothing gets cameras pointing, snaps chatting, instas gramming, or faces booking faster than some well done cosplay.

Last weekend, we got a small taste of WonderCon’s cosplay with our Saturday visit and as always Disney cosplay was in large supply. Ranging from Star Wars and Marvel to Disney and beyond, it’s always a feast for the eyes as Disney fans show their fandom with pride.


A trend that seems to have no slowing in sight is the concept of mashups or remixes. That is to say, taking a well known character and changing it up either by gender swap or adapting the character into a different theme or genre.

Kyla Ren

Captain America and Bucky Gender Swap!

Disney / Star Wars Mashups

Star Wars Remixes

Radar Technician Matt gives Kylo Ren a thumbs up. Thumbs up to YOU sir! Awesome BB-8 outfit also on display as well as a hilarious Leia in mourning.

Disney Remixes

Scar is absolutely killing it in this anthropomorphized take on the classic Lion King baddie. Then some more Disney Side/Disney-Bounding interpretations… awesome!

Disney Cosplay

Frozen still reigns supreme but lots of other fan displays including Captain Jack Sparrow, Hercules, and of course a bunch of Disney Princesses! Shout out to Star Lord with working voice amplication in his helmet and Lilo with Scrump.

@onlyalicat as Queen Elsa from FROZEN.

More Cosplay

Then of course there’s non Disney cosplay that is equally as awesome… check out some of our faves including Quail Man, Splinter (are you kidding me??) and Dot Matrix. Special shout out to Dumbedore!