DisneylandForward arrived seemingly out of nowhere and it was a huge info-drop with a bunch of maps and concept renderings and even a splashy dedicated new website. To be honest, it’s all a little overwhelming! We’ve gone through to simplify exactly WHAT’s going on…

What is DisneylandForward?

It’s Disney’s first step forward with the city of Anaheim to look towards the future of the Disneyland Resort. Citing local “inflexible planning restrictions,” the Disneyland Resort is first-and-foremost looking to work with the city of Anaheim on updated development approvals for projects in the future.

The Disneyland Resort has had some not-so-secret difficulties with the city of Anaheim over the years. Most recently, Disney Parks followers will remember the very public breakdowns between Disney and Anaheim with the previously-announced-then-canceled Eastern Gateway and fourth Disneyland Resort Hotel projects.

It seems Disney is ready to reset the stage — both literally for guests and also figuratively with local government.

What’s Changing?

For now, nothing. At least, not yet. The primary goal is to get talks going with the city of Anaheim to ensure a positive working relationship. But there IS a map to pour over…

To better understand what DisneylandForward initial announcement entails, we simplified the previously-released map below and superimposed it with the original for reference.


We simplified and recolored the official map provided by Disney offering a look at the expansion plans.

Theme Park Expansion?

disnelyand-forever-concept-park-coverBoth Disneyland and Disney California Adventure could see expansion across Disneyland Drive to bring even more theme park adventures and experiences to those respective parks.

Our previous posting below takes a closer look at the teased details.

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A Second Shopping District?

Located directly across the street from GardenWalk and set on portions of the Toy Story Parking Lot (previously used for Cast Member parking) is a new hybrid area that could include restaurants, hotels, live music, shopping, ticketed shows and theme park experiences.

Our previous posting below takes a closer look at the details.

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See it for Yourself

For now, Disney has not committed to any official announcements but in the coming weeks and months we could see some exciting news about the Happiest Place on Earth! See the original DisneylandForward project announcement from our previous posting below.

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