As we round out the dog days of summer, the heat continues to bear down on the Happiest Place on Earth where seasonal festivities anachronistically party on, refurbishments scurry along, and construction projects move at breakneck place.

This week, we’ll have a look all around the Disneyland Resort to check out on-going Halloween Time festivities including newly arrived candies, apples, and treats. Construction at the Mickey and Friends/PixarPals parking structure draws ever closer to completion with the opening of the new plaza and bridge walkway. The Avengers Campus Marvel-themed land also moves at a flurried pace while Project Stardust continues to make itself ever known at the entrances of Adventureland and Tomorrowland. We’ll peep the lines for the newly returned AP Corner and a whole bunch more bric-a-brac.

Plus, in our merch run, we’ll scope the new Arendelle Aqua merchandise line that Disney hopes will be today’s rose gold phenomenon plus a bunch more in this latest park pictorial. ENJOY!

Resistance Sneak!

If you missed it last week, the Star Wars Show gave us an exclusive first look at Poe Dameron’s life-size X-wing starfighter which will feature as part of the attraction narrative for the upcoming STAR WARS: RISE OF THE RESISTANCE attraction coming to STAR WARS: GALAXY’S EDGE.

MORE INFO: FIRST LOOK: BB-8 to feature aboard Poe Dameron’s life-size X-wing in Rise of the Resistance, #StarWars #GalaxysEdge

APs Cornered


It’s back! AP Corner returns once again to Disneyland Park to commemorate the Halloween Time season! If you have an Annual Pass to the Happiest Place on Earth, you’ll want to check out what Oogie Boogie has hooked up for this special AP-exclusive offering on the second floor of the Tomorrowland Expo Center (the second floor above Star Wars: Launch Bay.) ENDS September 30, 2019!

MORE INFO: AP CORNER for 2019 Halloween Time at Disneyland will focus on Oogie Boogie

Maleficent Returns

Angelina Jolie is Maleficent in Disney’s MALEFICENT: MISTRESS OF EVIL.

MALEFICENT: MISTRESS OF EVIL will have its Disney Parks exclusive previews offering a glimpse into the world of the mistress of evil.

MORE INFO: Sneak Peek! MALEFICENT: MISTRESS OF EVIL coming to Disney Parks with exclusive extended previews

Halloween Treats Debut


Although Halloween Time kicked off last weekend, there were a few missing elements that didn’t debut until this weekend in the form of the beautiful hand-made treats, apples, and candies that usually grace display cases during the festive season. You can now get your hands on all manners of sweets and treats! What’s your poison?

20190914_085101 20190914_085056


20190914_085129 20190914_085122 20190914_085202



Pre-packaged goodies are also available for more Halloween Time sugar rushes for your trick-or-treat bounties.

20190914_085516 20190914_085526 20190914_085541 20190914_085555


20190914_085912 20190914_085856


Novelties such as this Purple Poison Apple Premium Mug are still available for $15.99.

Arendelle Blues?


Arendelle Aqua is here. The fetch new shade is being pushed on the usual assortment of merch including spirit jerseys, backpacks, mini backpacks, ears, and other things including pillows, phone cases, and even… glittery Crocs.

20190914_090324 20190914_090520


20190914_090651 20190914_090709 20190914_090734 20190914_090745 20190914_090530 20190914_090350


20190914_090341 20190914_090404 20190914_092547 20190914_092551


Thirsty for more? You can also find the color in edible forms…


The rose gold never bothered me anyway.

Pixar Pals Parking Structure


The plaza in-between Mickey and Friends and Pixar Pals has been mostly opened up although some work still remains to be completed.

20190914_125004 20190914_125002

The new unload stations are completely revealed. The south-most station has been in use for several months now.

20190914_125203 20190914_125121

Colorful pavers and an abundance of trees provide a lovely transition from the drab grey parking areas.

20190914_125036 20190914_125052

Plenty of new seating areas and shade.


The 20-year-old hedge billboards remain in place.


The new elevator well on the Mickey and Friends side is seeing quick progress while the last few bits of work around it have yet to be completed.

20190914_125337 20190914_125241

Another look at on-going work still needed to complete the plaza.


Looks like the planter that will house the new Mickey sculpture (to complement the giant Pixar ball at the other side) will be coming in quite close to the foot of the Daisy escalators. Should be interesting to see how this plays out considering it could be a popular photo-spot.


The new bridge and walkway from the parking structure over to Downtown Disney has finally opened!


Access to the bridge is from the second level of the Pixar Pals side of the structure.


Now that the bridge is here, the jay-walk-inducing temporary walkway has been closed off and all guests who want to walk to the Resort must cross with the bridge to do so.

It seems, however, that Disney still has some logistics to figure out with the slightly awkward situation that the new setup creates. As you can see here, one set of elevator wells at Pixar Pals leads down into this awkward area which requires you to cross the tram route to get into the main plaza. Coincidentally, you can see in the photo a guest made just that mistake. The two elevators ARE clearly marked that there’s “No Tram Access” (although, technically there is, you just have to cross the tram route) but you can imagine many people will not notice or read the sign.

There is another well with THREE elevators that does take you down to the main plaza but the smaller well of two elevators in the corner is what’s causing this headache.

So you have guests taking the elevators in the smaller well down to the first floor but now that the walkway is officially closed, we didn’t see any Cast Members manning it (to tell guests when to cross or not cross.) Therein lies the problem that guests who ignore or don’t notice the sign on the elevator will logically take the elevator to the first floor only to be let out into an area that gives them no option but to cross the tram route which, for now, seems to not be manned with any crossing guards.

It seems the most logical conclusion here is to disable the first floor button for guest access in that smaller elevator well.

These are the two elevators that currently allow you to go down to the first floor which then requires you to cross the tram route to enter the plaza.


It’s clearly labeled that the elevator does not provide tram access (although, technically, it does currently let you go to the first floor).

20190914_074810 20190914_074900 20190914_074908 20190914_074912


What I dream the day might send, just around the walkway bend!


Once you get across the street, you can take stairs down to get to Magic Way or Disneyland Drive.


Otherwise, you can continue on the path downwards and then double back towards Magic Way or Disneyland Drive.


Looks like the sign for Downtown Disney will not be returning to the corner of Magic Way and Disneyland Drive.


20190914_075019 20190914_075124


20190914_075145 20190914_075154


Emergency egress access via Disneyland Drive. Handy in case the main entrance is clogged with guests trying to get in through the main toll booths when the emergency arises.

20190914_075220 20190914_075237



The new walkway is quite lovely as far as walkways go. So many new opportunities for really nice photos with the mix of grass, plants, and trees.

20190914_075348 20190914_075443

Eventually, you wind your way past the Monorail station, a great visual tease to build anticipation as you see them whizzing by. It’s unfortunate that you can’t just hop the monorail from this walkway.


Instead, you need to continue on down the walkway to the security station.


20190914_075857 20190914_075909

Restricted monorail access. The Hotel Guest Only access is only before the park opens on days when it’s offering Extra Magic Hour / Magic Morning access. The 11am – 6pm down time is only in the summer due to overheating in the non-air-conditioned monorails.

Avengers Campus


Construction continues on the upcoming Marvel-themed land to be known as Avengers Campus.


New structures going up right next to the Tower.

IMG_4005 IMG_4006

Spider-Man attraction.


Pym’s Test Kitchen.


Avengers HQ


Around Disney California Adventure


Red Car Trolley station still behind walls. We’ve heard a wireless charging platform is being installed to keep the trolleys juiced.



Mickey Watch 2020. Still gone.


Pixarmonic Orchestra in Pixar Pier and Laughing Stock in Frontierland had their final performances this weekend thanks to budget cuts following soft summer attendance.


Grizzly is ready for candy.


Redwood Creek remains closed ahead of Oogie Boogie Bash preparations.

MORE INFO: OOGIE BOOGIE BASH brings new World of Color, Mickey show, Villain trail, and more to DCA in 2019


Small tables with rustic blocks are setup at the entrance.


From the walkway, you can see candelabras and a bunch of new logs, rocks, and birdhouses covering new lighting and effects for the Oogie Boogie Bash upcharge parties.

20190914_101620 20190914_101608


They pulled the Space Mountain Ghost Galaxy banners from the esplanade since the attraction is not actually part of this year’s offerings.

Around Disneyland


Adventureland water filter pumps are still behind walls.


Matterhorn waterfall still under wraps.


Walls at the north side of the Tomorrowland entrance have have receded to reveal a newly re-sloped and wider curb-free walkway. A new set of walls has popped up on the south side of the entrance to remove curbs and rock-work there.


You can see the giant rocks at the entrance have been removed on the north side.


More rocks left to remove on the south side.


You can see old vs new with the brick walkway behind walls on the left vs the newly revealed brick walkway in the middle.


No curbs!


Curbs be gone!


The marquee rock-work that once held up a TOMORROWLAND sign has been completely removed.


Stanchion drill mark?


Some scaffolding up near Star Tours. Didn’t notice it in person so I didn’t get a better picture. Check out the shadow for the Astro Orbitor fencing though, pretty cool.


Walls are still up near STAR WARS: PATH OF THE JEDI.


The walls extend up to the queue platform for Space Mountain.



Hyperspace Mountain continues on through the Halloween Time season.

20190914_081531 20190914_081806


AP Corner takes place for two weeks this year.

20190914_110301 20190914_120248

Tape switchbacks for the expected rush on magnets and buttons.


Here’s that highly coveted magnet and button.

20190914_apcorner-1 20190914_apcorner-2

There’s also a photo-op inside and due to popularity, the AP Corner hours were extended to 8pm every day.




The fresh-made treats got a major upgrade with their packaging! Brittle, Toffee, and Clusters are Disneyland classics and now they have snazzy packaging to reflect the snazzy contents.




The Hades Dog for Halloween Time at Refreshment Corner is not for the faint of heart or taste bud. This foot-long spicy dog is topped with Harissa aioli, lemon-pickled cucumbers, oven-dried tomatoes, sauteed peppers, and feta. Mobile Order gave us the option to add cheese; so we did, obviously.


MORE INFO: FIRST TASTE: Disneyland Halloween Time 2019 bites, sips, sweets, and treats!



On Sunday – Thursdays you can see Constance the Bride or Hitchhiking Ghosts at 21 Royal Street instead of Jack and Sally.


During the week when Halloween Screams is presented without fireworks, Mickey’s Toontown remains open into the evening.


20190910_215938 20190910_220050


20190910_220515 20190910_215814


20190910_220546 20190910_221712


Spare train parts, eh? That’s a Goofy thing to have laying around.



20190910_235800 20190910_235820

Around the Resort


20190914_102359 20190914_102226


20190914_102235 20190914_102349


Hidden Mickey!


20190914_102202 20190914_102302 20190914_102306 20190914_102317 20190914_102326 IMG_4017


IMG_4019 IMG_4023 IMG_4024 IMG_4026 IMG_4020 IMG_4021 IMG_4025 IMG_4027 IMG_4028



Downtown Disney has a beautiful festive fall feel to it in all of its planters.


The theme this year leans on all the pumpkins as candy! Each planter brings a different flavor to the theme… literally!


Candy Corn pumpkins.

20190914_103145 20190914_103204

Jawbreaker pumpkins.


Sour candy pumpkins.


20190914_103437 20190914_103450

D&D candies… or I guess you might know them better as M&M.

20190914_103553 20190914_103517

Jelly bean pumpkins.


Lollipop pumpkins.

20190914_103700 20190914_103727

Taffy pumpkins.


Pop-up Disney signage remains on the former ESPN Zone even though it has ceased operation.


The adjacent shop is also closed.

Merch Run

20190914_121407 20190914_121416

Disney artist Dave Avanzino is taking commissions this weekend for both Custom Ticket Book wood plaques and also Disneyland Icon Name Shadow Boxes at the Disney Gallery.


20190914_092639 20190914_092716
20190914_120655 20190914_120710

Itty Bitty Living Space.

20190914_092502 20190914_092510 20190914_092514



20190914_123008 20190914_123020



20190914_123721 20190914_123755 20190914_123836 20190914_123845 20190914_123748 20190914_090141


Star Wars X TOMS


If you’re at Curl Surf in Downtown Disney, you can pick yourself up one of several different kinds of STAR WARS X TOMS shoes. The kind folks at TOMS sent us some shoes in return for sharing it with our readers here on MouseInfo. After we got them in the mail, we couldn’t help but to take them with us straight to Batuu!

MORE INFO: The Force is strong with the new #StarWarsxTOMS collaboration

20190811_124451 20190811_124506 20190811_125253 20190811_124034

It’s Halloween Time!

With the sweltering heat of late, it’s hard to believe that it’s once again Halloween Time at Disneyland Resort but the pumpkins, orange bunting, food, and entertainment are setting the scene for a perfectly autumnal celebration. ENDS October 31, 2019!

MORE INFO: PICTORIAL: Halloween Time 2019 at Disneyland Resort brings familiar seasonal sights, sounds, and tastes!

Hungry for Halloween?

We take to the Happiest Place on Earth to take in the sights, sounds, smells, and flavors of the season! Check out our guide to 2019 Halloween Time food and beverages! ENDS October 31, 2019!

MORE INFO: FIRST TASTE: Disneyland Halloween Time 2019 bites, sips, sweets, and treats!

Disney Parks, D23 Expo(sed)

The amount of projects going on at Disney Parks right now has our heads reeling. From new Avengers attractions to Cruise Ships, Private Islands, and and SPACE CRUISERS, Disney Parks are literally taking us around the entire galaxy over the next few years.

MORE INFO: FULL RECAP: Disney Parks unload news and info on future projects

Starbucks, Electrical

If a stop to Disneyland’s Market House Starbucks is usually in your itinerary, then you might be excited to know that two Disneyland exclusive drinks — crafted by Cast Members at the location — will be available through the run of the Main Street Electrical Parade (September 30, 2019)!

The two concoctions are the Neverland Sunset (lemonade, peach juice and passion fruit tea) and the Wonderland Frappuccino (mocha frapuccino with a swirl of strawberry puree) paying tribute to iconic floats from the twinkling spectacle of nighttime magic and imagination!

20190810_174401 20190810_174744


Oogie Boogie Bash

Disney California Adventure will take up the mantel of hosting Disneyland’s Halloween Party this year and the whole event gets a whole new name and focus with the upcoming debut of OOGIE BOOGIE BASH – A DISNEY HALLOWEEN PARTY!

Tickets are sold out online but MAY be available by phone for select dates by calling 714-781-4636.

MORE INFO: OOGIE BOOGIE BASH brings new World of Color, Mickey show, Villain trail, and more to DCA in 2019

Glowing Away Soon

The Main Street Electrical Parade is back for a special summer encore and it brings with it special treats and merch options but enjoy it while you can! ENDS September 30, 2019.

MORE INFO: WATCH: Disneyland gets lit with return of ‘Main Street Electrical Parade’ plus special food and merch

Magical Savings on Admission

It’s one of the questions we get asked the most, how can you save a little money on Disneyland tickets? Below is what’s available now.

  • US military discounts for tickets and hotels; Disneyland, Walt Disney World.  MORE INFO

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