Lisa Joy and Jonathan Nolan returned once again to Hall H at San Diego Comic-Con to talk about the highly-anticipated third season return of Westworld! Along with them for the ride were stars Evan Rachel Wood, Jeffrey Wright, Thandie Newton, Tessa Thompson, Aaron Paul, and Luke Hemsworth!

As to be expected, the panel brought with it far more questions than answers. Nolan and Joy brought their trademark tight-lipped responses to virtually all questions from moderator Amy Webb but we did get a first look at a fabulous new trailer for the upcoming season which positions the three leading women in mega powerful scenarios; Maeve seemingly in a Nazi Germany, Dolores somewhere in the not-so-distant future, and Charlotte seemingly a bit farther in the future. We also get peeks at Bernard, Stubbs, newcomer Aaron Paul, and of course, William.

IMG_2929Westworld is often looked at as such a futuristic dystopian reality but Webb pointed out to the agreement of both Joy and Nolan that the concepts aren’t far off considerations but instead current-day problems facing society today. The show asks questions about current struggles including artificial intelligence, data mining, and privacy.

Highlights for the panel included introduction of Luke Hemsworth as a surprise guest. Tessa Thompson mused that she never goes anywhere anymore without bringing at least ones Hemsworth with her.


Tessa Thompson also talked about the extreme discomfort she fell in portraying such a wicked character on the show. Even though it was just acting, holding a gun up to someone’s had, especially someone who she knew, was surreal and very difficult for her to process.

Thandie Newton brought up a personal revelation in the process of filming her nude scenes saying that she didn’t feel vulnerable by them at all. In fact, she took strength in the empowerment of being able to portray such confidence in a character without a stitch of clothes. Because the nudity was not sexualized, it wasn’t demoralizing for her or her character.


As a newcomer, Aaron Paul couldn’t say much about his character but did mention that he is a construction worker in the not-so-distant future who has a red robot buddy along for the ride. He was thrilled to join the cast not only for being a huge fan of the show but also for the super complex writing that the role of afforded him.

Evan Rachel Wood continues to find light in the complexities of her character and is excited to see how she continues to develop. With regards to A.I. she absolutely will not allow smart speakers in her home but seemingly cannot live without the self-driving features of her car! Even she can’t resist the creature comforts of advanced technology!


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