Mickey on Vinyl: D23 Celebrates the Mouse, the Music, and the Movement was a special panel hosted by D23 (The Official Disney Fan Club) at San Diego Comic-Con this year and it took a funkadellic look back at Mickey Mouse Disco which celebrates its 40th anniversary this year and a brief history on the mouse, thre myth, the legend!

The panel was moderated by Bret Iwan, the voice of Mickey Mouse and he was joined by panelist line up that included D23’s Justin Arthur, music and TV producer Bambi Moé (Mousercise, The Little Mermaid), Alyssa Tryon (who oversees the Mickey Mouse brand for the Walt Disney Company), and Trevor Rush, costume design and development manager.

This panel highlighted Mickey Mouse’s influence on pop culture not just with the Mickey Mouse Disco but over whole career with a look at his past, present, and future. Starting from his early beginnings and then on though his musical journey including Mickey Mouse Club in the 1950s, 1970s, and 1990s.

The biggest highlight was a surprise appearance by Mickey and Minnie who were wearing their fancy new disco duds!



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