If you’re familiar with the incredible world of Mondo, then you know a brand that creates artwork and items that are in essence by fans for fans. As of today, Monday is sharing news about their new partnership license with Disney which means we can expect a world of new products across apparel, collectibles, games, and more.

The first fruits of this collaboration will feature collectible pins for Mickey Mouse as well as new tiki mugs featuring Sorcerer Mickey and Scrooge McDuck. Here’s a look at more of what you can expect…

Disney Tee-ki Mugs

As seen in the 1940 classic Disney’s Fantasia, Sorcerer Mickey will be the first in their line of Mondo Tee-ki mugs followed by Scrooge McDuck. After that, expect new mugs featuring The Lion King, The Nightmare Before Christmas, and many more!


Disney Pins

Artistic line of Disney enamel pins as part of an ongoing series. Seasoned veteran Tom Whalen and design powerhouse DKNG Studios offer up their treatments of Sorcerer Mickey and the classic Mickey, respectively.

Each month, collectors can expect brand new pin designs encompassing the wide range of Disney’s film and television legacy from vaulted treasures to modern classics.