Halloween Time kicked off at the Disneyland Resort this weekend but there’s A WHOLE LOT of things going on around the property that have nothing to do with witch sisters, pumpkin spice, or boogie men. We have a full look at the goings on for Halloween Time in our most recent pictorial here, but there’s a lot more things to take in!

For this mostly Halloween-free update we’ll take a look at existing projects spanning all reaches of the property including construction on Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge, the new Parking Structure at  Mickey and Friends, new and rennovating shops and eateries at Downtown Disney, on-going and completed refurbishments including Walt Disney’s Enchanted Tiki RoomMatterhorn Bobsleds, and more.

A bunch of walkway widening projects have also wrapped up removing planters in favor of pathways that can better handle the expected crush of humanity next year for the opening of the Star Wars expansion. We’ll also take a look at the newly-closed “a bug’s land” which is quickly becoming a wasteland in preparation for a Marvel land expansion. All of this plus a nice merch run for you at the end and much much more. ENJOY!

Halloween Time is Here!

There’s not quite that fall crisp in the air just yet but the Disneyland Resort is already ready to celebrate the fall with the return of Halloween Time. Check out a full look at all the things to see, do, and taste now through October 31, 2018!

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Halloween Eats and Treats


MORE INFO: FIRST TASTE: The good, the bad, and the ugly of Disneyland’s 2018 Halloween Time dining options!

So much to eat! See our full pictorial for more info and details!

Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge

The early morning hazy burn off created a pretty interesting look to the construction site for the new Star Wars expansion.


20180908_091211 20180908_091229 20180908_091222 20180908_091236

Around Disneyland


You know it’s going to be a magical day when the princess who started it all welcomes you to the happiest place on Earth!


This duck in the shade during the 95 degree heat on Saturday afternoon was a mood.


Main Street shops remain open during their refurbishment.

20180908_095343 20180908_095413



Walls have gone up around the pond area near the entrance to Adventureland and Frontierland. Is Disney going to be widening the walkways here, as well? This could potentially also create more room for fireworks viewing.

20180908_095640 20180908_095659


Matterhorn Bobsleds remain closed for their refurbishment. The waterfall seems to have been given a thorough scrubbing already.


I really wish they’d decorate this for Halloween Time. Maleficent’s thorns rising up out of the water would be so thematically appropriate here. Perhaps a system that allows them to be easily raised and lowered into the moat so as to not interrupt viewing of the fireworks projections during the evening.


Crowds were mostly pleasant throughout the day!

20180908_131505 20180908_131509

Walls are also up on the western side of the castle.


Not sure if this tree was replaced or just trimmed back but it’s definitely way smaller than it was before.


Wonder if this area might be next for walkway widening?


Batuu peaks coming up behind Big Thunder Mountain are a nice visual weenie.


Tropical Hideaway continues on…


Do you know where to find this Hidden Mickey?


It’s in the same place as this great little painting.


Walls are down in New Orleans Square where a planter and large DVC cart have been removed in the interest of more people-holding space. Disney is really bracing for some major impact next year!

20180908_113803 20180908_113812

Looks like a lamp post might be going up in place of the planter. The small DVC car has been moved off to the side.


Walls are down at the Haunted Mansion too and the planter here has also been removed. You can see the small bit that remains on the left; it used to continue all the way down that wall towards the exit of the attraction.

20180908_113338 20180908_113724
20180908_122133 20180908_122137

Walls are also down in Tomorrowland where yet another planter has been removed in the interest of widening the walkway.

20180908_122054 20180908_122112

The mural on Tomorrowland’s north side has been replaced.

20180908_122248 20180908_122253

Tomorrowland seems to have missed the memo about Pixar Fest having ended last week.

Libations for Adults


Without confirming it by name, Disneyland will begin selling alcohol with the opening of Oga’s Cantina in the new Star Wars themed expansion opening next year.

MORE INFO: Disneyland Park to begin serving alcohol with new STAR WARS themed cantina

Around Disney California Adventure


The closure of “a bug’s land” has brought with it STARK INDUSTRY walls indicating the upcoming Marvel expansion that will replace it.

MORE INFO: LOOK: Disney/Marvel finally confirm Super Hero themed land at DCA, expansion in Hong Kong, Paris

20180908_152717 20180908_152757 20180908_145819 20180908_173804 20180908_173801 20180908_171243 20180908_171225 20180908_171238


There’s finally signage indicating the location of Radiator Springs Racers FastPass distribution. A little confusing later in the day when the machine is completely gone with no indication that distribution is done for the day. Just a sign pointing to nowhere in particular.


Trees have been replaced in Paradise Park removing virtually all the nice shade that used to blanket this walkway.

20180908_153501 20180908_153535


World of Color continues its lengthy refurbishment.


Disney Animation still shrouded in exterior refurbishment.


No previews for you.


Never noticed that they refreshed the marvel props over by the Spider-Man meet and greet with more details from the Spider-Man movie. Delmar’s Deli-Grocery has decidedly been changed to Danny’s. Best sandwich in Queens!


More details from the movie include a Midtown banner.


Headlines on the Daily Bugle tout Princess Shuri at Coachella, Wakanda joining the global stage, and the impact of Vibranium. The unmistakable floating “O” is also the featured headline.

20180908_152203 20180908_152207


Not sure how long the Guardians of the Galaxy show had monitors with messages from Rocket??

Around the Resort


Not much in the way of news on the dead end of Downtown Disney which may or may not still become a fancy new Disney hotel.

20180908_093018 20180908_093022

Ballast Point and Blackcraft continue along towards opening later this year.


Wetzel’s is quite airy at the moment. Would be nice if that remained open air!


Salt & Straw continues along for its opening this year, too.

20180908_093557 20180908_093335

Naples and Napolini continue moving along.

Parking Expansion


20180908_090855 20180908_090900 20180908_090926 20180908_091002 20180908_091352 20180908_091718 20180908_091751 20180908_091810 20180908_091811

Merch Run


When Disney opens Halloween Time during the summer.


20180908_130921 20180908_130930



20180908_093516 20180908_093522
20180908_141425 20180908_141429 20180908_141302 20180908_141523


Gay Days at Disneyland are just around the corner.

Retro Family Fun!


MouseInfo has been partnered with the Howard Johnson Anaheim for quite some time and when we were invited to come check out the new rooms we were pleased to jump at the chance to take a look inside. The new rooms in the Building 1 Tower were welcomed in just a few weeks ago and feature an impressive makeover that updates accommodations to meet the more modern needs of today’s families.

MORE INFO: STEP INSIDE: Newly-renovated rooms at HOJO ANAHEIM feature updated amenities, same retro fun

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