Disney Channel was back once again at SDCC this year and they brought out the creators and stars of Disney’s Star vs. the Forces of Evil and the new series Big City Greens.

The wacky panel included never-before-seen clips, answers for fan questions, and even perform a live table read. Panelists include Daron Nefcy (executive producer), Eden Sher (The Middle, Veronica Mars), Adam McArthur (Star vs. the Forces of EvilAdventures of Puss in Boots), Esmé Bianco (Game of Thrones, The Magicians, Star vs. the Forces of Evil), Shane Houghton (executive producer), Chris Houghton (executive producer), and Marieve Herington (How I Met Your Mother, Good Luck Charlie).

Top moments from the We’re Not from ‘Round Here: Star vs. the Forces of Evil and Big City Greens Panel 

  1. Star Vs. The Forces of Evil: The Magic Book of Spells is coming this fall and it looks amazing! The cast of the show read out loud as their characters a few pages of the book, and you can truly tell the all love their job and being together.
  2. Big City Greens — for only being around for 5 weeks — already has a cult following and rightfully so. It follows a family that moved from the country to the city and how they are adjusting to city life. Marieve Herington the voice of Tilly and creator’s Chris and Shane Houghton went through the evolution of her character. Her character Tilly is completely different from what Marieve is used to voicing she said, Tilly has almost a complete monotone sound.
  3. Adam McArthur who voices Marco on Star Vs. The Forces of Evil is a martial arts expert and said he always wanted to show off his moves at San Diego Comic-Con. This year he brought bricks with him and broke them with his hand! It was crazy and a unforgettable moment from the panel!
  4. For the final surprise, both casts did a live read through of a script where the Big City Greens characters go to San Diego Comic-Con. And Star enters through a dimensional tear. All of them are being chased by a huge Spider monster, which Cricket Green attempts to save everyone but it turns out to be a Spiderman cosplayer! The reading was super funny and you can tell they all love being on their shows.
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