It’s the final official weekend of summer at the Disneyland Resort and that means the Summer of Heroes promotion is ending soon to make way for the upcoming Halloween Time season. It was a sweltering hot weekend but the combination of weather plus block-outs made for parks that were delightfully less crowded than one might expect for a three-day weekend.

There’s a lot going on all around the Resort. As we see Halloween decorations creep in around the parks and merchandise start to fill the shelves, we also find a bunch of other projects underway. Space Mountain Ghost Galaxy and Haunted Mansion Holiday are both closed to make way for their seasonal variants. Cars Land and Buena Vista Street are also starting to get ready for their first-ever Halloween decor.

Meanwhile, other projects include refurbishments of Goofy’s Sky School, Corn Dog Cart, and more. Plus, we’ll have a merch run too that includes more looks at the Halloween purchaseables plus a look at the selection of Star Wars Force Friday II.

All of this and more in this week’s pictorial! ENJOY!

Dog Days of Summer

There’s just 5 days left for the Summer of Heroes promotion at Disney California Adventure before the park goes into its celebration-free state… for FOUR whole days. Then it’s the start of Disney Halloween Time!

Summer of Heroes Eats

A ton of goodies debuted for the summer promotion that are expected to be going away after September 10, 2017.

More Info: PICS: Disney Califorina Adventure assembled a selection of hero-themed eats for the SUMMER OF HEROES

Late Night Menu

Although no end-date was placed on the new after-9pm Late Night menu at the Galactic Grill in Tomorrowland it seems likely that once the park switches to off-season hours–where Disneyland closes by 9pm most nights–that this menu offering might be going away. We hope that the Meteor Potato Bite tater tots option becomes a permanent menu item, they are awesome! The Sweet and theh Spicy Star Cluster chicken are also super delicious, served in waffle bowls. We also tried the Lunar Space-adilla which has a yummy dipping sauce which is also a pretty solid offering.

Here’s a full look at the late-night menu:

AP Treat or Trick?

What has seemingly become a quarterly offering has resurrected once more at Disneyland with the introduction of new refillable Halloween popcorn buckets for Annual Passholders. However, unlike previous versions of the program, this bucket is valid only until Halloween giving you just under two months to enjoy the refills. Previous iterations of this offering typically lasted a solid three months.

We decided that the short 2-month window would not be rewarded with our dollars so we’re skipping the purchase this time around. I wish this would become a yearly offered program, perhaps at double the cost. A $30 bucket that you can do $1 refills for the entire calendar year. Oh well!

Halloween Time Preparations

Summer might not officially be over yet but Disney is already moving on with Halloween Time!

Disney California Adventure Entrance

The entrance to Disney California Adventure will be receiving new Halloween Time decor as well as other areas of Buena Vista Street including Carthay Circle Theatre!

More Info: Haul-O-Ween RADIATOR SCREAMS coming to DCA with expanded DCA ‘Halloween Time’ offerings

Cars Land Haul-O-Ween

Cars Land will also be getting its first Halloween treatment this year with decorations around the land.

More Info: Haul-O-Ween RADIATOR SCREAMS coming to DCA with expanded DCA ‘Halloween Time’ offerings

The Radiator Springs Curios tree is looking decidedly spookier even from far away thanks to new mossy hangings on all the branches. There’s also some new Halloween decor on the shop exterior.

The electricity poles on the left are part of the land’s permanent theming but the complementary poles on the right will support the new Haul-O-Ween bunting that will cross the street.

Expect a new marquee into the land once Haul-O-Ween begins. Here’s concept art of how it will all look this year…

Haunted Mansion Holiday

The quarter-long takeover of the classic attraction is now underway.

More in Store

Shops are also starting to get their seasonal decorations for the fall.

We had a pretty big look at the new Halloween Time merchandise in our last pictorial but here’s a few more goodies that are also available.

More Info: PICTORIAL: Electrical Parade glows away, Halloween Time creeps in right behind, and more!

New Cars Land Table Service?

A non-guest-accessible building near Mater’s Junkyard Jamboree has a new sign painted on it reading “Now Playing at Radiator Springs Drive In Theater. Showtimes at dusk – 2 milesleading many to wonder if Disney has just unofficially teased an announcement that the drive-in sit-down restaurant concept that is so popular in Walt Disney World might be making its debut in California.

More Info: Is the CARS LAND Sci-Fi Drive-In restaurant concept back on the table?

Around Disney California Adventure

The So-Cal heatwave was relentless this weekend and it forced the regular Car meet and greets to move into the shade near Flo’s.

There’s a bunch of ways to stay cool at the Disneyland Resort, the classic Mickey Premium Bar is one of our favorites.

Grizzly River Run is another popular way to stay cool.

But at the height of the summer heat, the attraction went down.

The attraction was evacced and completely drained, temporarily.

Goofy’s Sky School is out for the count. Hopefully for some much needed paint.

Around Disneyland

Block-outs this weekend plus the extreme heat kept crowds relatively low.

Clouds rolled in towards the later half off the day offering some respite from direct sunlight but not the heat.

The new queue to the side of the Mickey Floral seems to be helping with the general meshugas that is prone here with everyone trying to snap a pic.

Disneyland Railroad map is updated to reflect the new route of the Disneyland Railroad.

The temporary landscape features a forest full of waterfalls and living creatures. Awesome!

Visiting Tilly at the Main Street Cinema is another way to stay cool at Disneyland.

Take in some classic Mickey Mouse cartoons.

No Corn Dogs for you.

Have some Doughnuts instead…

No more Disneyland Dream Suite signage.

I can see what’s happening, and they don’t have a clue… their trio’s down to two. Although the Donkey has always fancied this vignette to be a quartet.

Daytime prep for Fantasmic!

Is this what happens when Mickey is day-dreaming?

Space Mountain is also closed for its conversion to Space Mountain Ghost Galaxy. The refurb spans a good bit longer than previous years, hopefully we’ll see some upgrades to a fun but increasingly tired Halloween Time layover.

For now, the marquee just reads MOUNTAIN.

Force Friday II

The merch mania of Force Friday II has landed at the Disneyland Resort for everything Star Wars, a selection of new merch is available at the Star Trader.

Call me crazy but the Porgs seem so… fetch.

Galaxy’s Edge

The Galaxy’s Edge Star Wars land continues to move along, it just recently hit the construction milestone of its topping out. This means the US flag now flies at the highest point of the construction for the new land.

More Info: ‘Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge’ reaches highest heights

Meanwhile parts of the show building are starting to get covered up with their firsts layer of walls while more and more metal continues to twist and contort through-out the project.

Around the Resort

Paint the Night parade is visible backstage.

The new brickwork on the Mickey and Friends Parking Structure seems to be coming to a close.

Still some construction bric-a-brac.

New vs. Old. Not sure if they’ll continue all the way down.


Countdown to Goofy and Halloween Time decorations is on. We expect to see him pop up sometime this week!

The pools at the Grand Californian Hotel were closed in the afternoon after the clouds started rolling in. We weren’t sure if there was thread of lightning.

There’s new Artisinal Pizzas at White Water Snacks. The amazingly delicious Carnitas Burger is not on the menu but still available. I hope they don’t discontinue. That’s always a solid option. Still said they ditched the Problano Chicken Sandwich though.

Merch Run

Fidget Spinners are $5 with any purchase.

Another way to blow bubbles into faces of complete strangers.

The arrangement of these dolls reminded me of the recent viral meme…

Well this doesn’t quite seem Disneyland appropriate. At the Main Street Magic Shop.

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