SHANG-CHI AND THE LEGEND OF THE TEN RINGS had an explosive start at the box office and now that it’s here, we knew we had to experience the Marvel Cinematic Universe enhanced in 4DX format.


Shang-Chi character comes to AVENGERS CAMPUS at Disney California Adventure

STB_Teaser_1-Sht_v4_lgA 4DX screening is a feast for the senses and although 3D glasses are not part of this experience, it’s still a multi-sensory explosion!

We’ve said it before but short of a safety spiel and a lap bar, 4DX is practically a theme park experience in its own right. On first glance, it doesn’t seem entirely different than what you’re used to in a modern cineplex but these plush comfy seats offer more than meets the eye with a wide range of motion and several in-theater special effects.

It’s always exciting to see how the folks at 4DX find ways to immerse you deeper into the film via the motion-enabled seats. For instance, bouncing along on out-of-control public transit in San Francisco, rushing through the bamboo forests in China, and feeling every sweeping epic martial art move paired with motion. Sometimes the movement integration feature can feel gratuitous in 4DX but an epic film from Marvel just feels like the perfect pairing for the format  — hang on tight to those popcorn buckets!


Moving seats aren’t the only effect to make this adventure special. This is a multi-sensory experience that can include gusts of wind as you soar the skies over Talo; sprinkles of mist during the epic watery finale; and strobe effects to accentuate bursts of magic and other flashes of light.

Plus, although we didn’t notice their usage at our screening, 4DX theaters are typically also equipped to deliver additional effects including puffs of smoke/fog. snow, bubbles, scent effects, hot air, and seat pokers.

You might have seen a ScreenX mega widescreen presentation or noshed on over-priced eats in a dine-in theater, but if you haven’t experienced a 4DX format film before, you’re truly missing out on a really fun way to enjoy blockbuster movies.

SHANG-CHI AND THE LEGEND OF THE TEN RINGS is playing now in theaters and is available in several formats including 4DX which you can learn more about here.