Cooler temps and smaller crowds made for a delightful weekend at the Happiest Place on Earth. And while the attendance levels and thermometer were hovering at cool levels, the parks themselves are humming with activity.

This update takes a a look at the usual suspects including the new Avengers Campus Marvel-themed land, Hollywood land refurbishments, Snow White’s Scary Adventures, and Haunted Mansion plus sights on construction completion at Mickey and Friends Parking Structure, and more. We’ll also check out the new purchase options at the Disneyland Stroller and Wheelchair locations.

Of course, a little merch run awaits you at the end amongst other surprises folded into this latest park pictorial. ENJOY!

Strolling Along


If you ever went to Disneyland and hated paying money just to rent a stroller and not keep it, you’re now in luck! The compact, foldable, and lightweight strollers have a pair of ears over the sunshade and are styled after Mickey and his red shorts or Minnie and her pink polka-dot dress. These strollers are discount eligible if you have an Annual Pass (or Cast Member ID) or they can be purchased for full price of $39.95 +tax. These are final sale with no returns accepted.

As always, caveat emptor! We found a very similar (if not identical) stroller available on Amazon for $28.96.

MORE INFO: FIRST LOOK: Disneyland stroller rental location adds new stroller purchase options, $39.95

RISE and Shine!


We continue to advise that the hour-and-a-half period before Disneyland park opening continues to be very busy at the Disneyland Resort. Expect atypical slowdown on the streets, in the parking lots, and with all lines you encounter once you get off your car. Fans are still very eager to experience the brand new groundbreaking STAR WARS: RISE OF THE RESISTANCE attraction so crowds remain very heavy in the early mornings to secure those very limited numbers of Boarding Group numbers.

We still strongly advise on aiming to be parked no later than 7am if you want to try to secure a boarding group.

Mickey & Minnie’s Runaway Railway

We have not heard confirmations on rumors that progress has paused on the new Toontown attraction in light of coronavirus closures in China. From the look of the construction site, it seems like not much is changing week over week.

MORE INFO: News and information about Mickey & Minnie’s Runaway Railway


Avengers Campus

MORE INFO: News and information about AVENGERS CAMPUS Marvel themed land


20200223_082916 20200223_082922


IMG_4878 IMG_4888 IMG_4886 IMG_4879 IMG_4885 IMG_4884

Around Disney California Adventure


The sky facade on the Hyperion Theater is all covered in scaffolding!


You can see some initial primer layers have already been painted over the building as it’s now cloud-free.


Some royal blue scrims are going up over the scaffolding, too.


Captain America remains displaced from his regular meet and greet location during the refurbishment. He’ll eventually relocate over to Avengers Campus this summer.


Scaffolding remains on Stage 17 but it would appear any progress has been halted.

20200223_081649 20200223_081655


Spider-Man will also be moving into Avengers Campus in a few months.

20200223_081854 20200223_081914


Walls remain in front of Guardians where it seems progress has also halted.


Scrims are up on the construction walls making peeks inside the new Avengers Campus harder.


Looks like new custom signage is being built for the Festival Marketplace kiosks this year for the Disney California Adventure Food & Wine Festival.

MORE INFO: WHAT TO EXPECT: 2020 Disney California Adventure Food & Wine Festival introduces new tour, brings back favorites

20200223_083157 20200223_084144 20200223_085936 20200223_090127


They finally removed the Lunar New Year signage. Expect this to become Food and Wine very shortly.


Well that’s not something you ever want to look at. These carts are a warty mole.


Newly returned Grizzly River Run is still running with delayed starts.

20200223_090440 20200223_090505(0)

One of the binoculars is still gone.


The back trail remains off limits.

Around Disneyland




Looks like the final finial details eventually made it onto Sleeping Beauty Castle.


King Arthur Carrousel.


20200223_093130 20200223_093155

Snow White’s Scary Adventures remains closed while adjacent Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique remains open.



Scaffolding is down behind the windmill on the facade for “it’s a small world”.


Never noticed this Matterhorn Trail hiking marker before. Super clever way to disguise a wifi hot spot.


20200223_094222 20200223_094230

These would make awesome fanny packs.


Changes at the Tomorrowland entrance walls seem to have been completed.

20200223_102205 20200223_102129



Five total kiosks available at the Tomorrowland FastPass distribution center.


New stairs still aren’t finished yet.

20200223_101050 20200223_101245




Haunted Mansion continues its extensive spring refurbishment.


Signage remains up around the parks advising on Rise of the Resistance boarding group call times.


A new merch cart popped up just outside of Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge entrance to sell Baby Yoda merchandise. A workaround to selling items that anachronistically don’t fit in the new land.

20200223_111234 20200223_111239


Sporks are once again no where to be found on Batuu. The latest shipment has completely sold out.


All the food that gets shoved in front of Rosita every day for the ‘Gram.

20200223_104027 20200223_104242

Traditional Pork Lumpia ($6.99) is two rolls filled with pork and vegetables served with a sweet chili dipping sauce. Although very tasty the rolls are very sparing on the meat which would otherwise make these a fantastic snack option.


After being incredibly unimpressed with the Endorian Fried Chicken Tip Yip when Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge first opened we were hesitant to give it a second chance. Our first thought when we ate it was a hospital cafeteria quality to it while people sitting next to us who also ordered it said it reminded them of their high school lunches.


Not entirely sure if anything has actually changed but the chicken this time seemed much better quality and the breading was warm and crispy.  Although we DID love the mashed potatoes and salsa verde herb gravy that come with the dish by default, we gave it a shot this time with the Macaroni and Cheese option.

20200223_114441 20200223_114800

The verdict? We can now say that we’d recommend the dish. Prior to this second-chance taste, this was the ONE item on the menu that we cautioned people to avoid at all costs. Even still, it ranks pretty low on the order of priority for us BUT we can comfortably say that picky eaters should not be disappointed with this option. Still, if you’re in the mood for space chicken, get the Endorian Roasted Chicken Salad instead! It’s surprisingly robust and packed with flavor.


After meeting his brothers several weeks ago, we finally got the chance to meet J5! Painted with Diet Coke branding, he’s one of five refreshment droid carts that are part of the hydration empire, Jat Kaa’s Coolers.

20200223_124428 20200223_124437


They moved the testing mat for the Droid Depot to the south-side of the location.

Around the Resort


The new elevator at Mickey and Friends Parking Structure has finally opened!


The walkway back into the first floor area of the structure has also reopened.


You can once again cross back into the structure.

20200223_135607 20200223_135623


20200223_135724 20200223_135634

Merch Run



New MULAN inspired ears are here!




20200223_091539 20200223_091505 20200223_091419 20200223_091423 20200223_091438 20200223_091555


Ink & Paint


20200223_090856 20200223_090901 20200223_091044 20200223_091049

More in Store




20200223_091137 20200223_091149 20200223_101734    20200223_132407



Too much good stuff.

Star Wars X TOMS


If you’re at Curl Surf in Downtown Disney, you can pick yourself up one of several different kinds of STAR WARS X TOMS shoes. The kind folks at TOMS sent us some shoes in return for sharing it with our readers here on MouseInfo. After we got them in the mail, we couldn’t help but to take them with us straight to Batuu!

MORE INFO: Second wave of #StarWarsxTOMS collaboration brings even more style from a galaxy far, far away

20200223_112124 20200223_123855 20200223_111651 20200223_111930

Tasting Soon


The 2020 Disney California Adventure Food & Wine Festival returns once more to the Disneyland Resort bringing its fun blend of California-inspired festivities with classic Disney twists.

MORE INFO: WHAT TO EXPECT: 2020 Disney California Adventure Food & Wine Festival introduces new tour, brings back favorites

The FastPass Ship in the Galaxy

Disney confirmed that Millennium Falcon: Smugglers Run at Disneyland will soon be enabled with Disney FASTPASS (and Disney MaxPass) service. An exact date has not yet been announced other than “soon.”

MORE INFO: FALCON confirmed for FastPass ‘soon’ at Disneyland plus MONSTERS and AUTOPIA begin FP/MP service

Resistance Ready?

When it comes to the STAR WARS: RISE OF THE RESISTANCE Virtual Queue / Boarding Group process at Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge, no result is typical but we were equipped with an understanding for how the process worked from this earlier info guide. There are as many suggestions for securing a Boarding Group as there are twinkles on Cinderella’s dress so ultimately you’ll want to follow the steps that feel right for you.

If you like to live vicariously through other people’s experiences, we invite you now to follow along on our process for enjoying STAR WARS: RISE OF THE RESISTANCE on its first official Saturday of operation at Disneyland!

MORE INFO: TIPS AND INFO: How we got our Boarding Group for STAR WARS: RISE OF THE RESISTANCE at Disneyland

Dark Days Ahead

Disneyland After Dark season is here and while 80s Nite has already come and gone, there’s still more opportunities to rock the night away in special after-hours parks experiences at the happiest place on earth. Each event offers a different theme complemented by unique entertainment, specialty food, collectible merchandise and more!

MORE INFO: Details, Dates, and Pricing revealed for 2020 DISNEYLAND AFTER DARK; 80s, Sweethearts, Pixar, and Villains

Magical Savings on Admission

It’s one of the questions we get asked the most, how can you save a little money on Disneyland tickets? Below is what’s available now.

  • Spring 2020 Discounts for for tickets and hotels: Disneyland Resort. Through 5/21/20. (MORE INFO)
  • 2020 US Military discounts for tickets and hotels; Disneyland, Walt Disney World. Through 2020. (MORE INFO)

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