As the dog days of summer continue on at the Disneyland Resort we popped in for another pictorial taking a look around the Happiest Place on Earth.

The construction on the Galaxy’s Edge Star Wars themed land continues to move along as we find the metal framework stretch further higher revealing a more clear idea for the shapes that the mountain ranges will take come 2019. We also see inside the construction more of what appears to be a TIE Fighter hangar of a Star Destroyer.

Meanwhile, we continue to take in the details of the newly unveiled changes in Frontierland following several months of closure in conjunction with the construction for the Galaxy’s Edge. We’ll also take a look around the resort at goings on in Downtown Disney and beyond. Plus, we’ll have a nice big merch update for you too!

All of this and more in our latest pictorial! ENJOY!

Main Street Electrical Parade

Main Street Electrical Parade ends its run in just 6 days! You have until August 20 to enjoy the parade at Disneyland Park. Check out this video from January 21, 2017!

Summer of Heroes

There’s only 27 days left of the Summer of Heroes promotion at Disney California Adventure.

Galaxy’s Edge

The construction site for everyone’s favorite Star Wars themed land continues to reach skyward from our last visit with new metal work shooting up towards the sky to add even more height to the mountain range that will eventually be visible in this spot.

Meanwhile, inside the tangle of metal support beams we saw what appears to be one of the TIE Fighter hangars of a Star Destroyer. Pretty awesome!

Through the metal support beams you can see what appears to be the initial framework for a TIE Fighter hangar as seen in The Force Awakens and even in Disney concept art for the attraction.

Tricky and Friends

Disney is in the process of removing the very slippery colored walkway tiles at the Mickey and Friends but the process is adding just a few kinks to the arguably laborious trek of getting into the Happiest Place on Earth.

On Saturday we encountered a potentially unsafe situation at the escalators inbetween Minnie and Donald levels. Guests were being parked on both levels so that means guests were using escalators on both levels. Normally this is not a problem but the construction barriers on both levels have made the areas very very narrow. So what was happening is the very small area on the Donald area was getting backed up and filled the people as the constant flow of people from Donald trying to get to the escalators combined with the constant flow of people coming down from Minnie caused the incredibly small area to become quickly filled with people who had no where to go as the escalator kept funneling in new people with no where for them to stand.

We tweeted Disneyland about the unsafe situation and we soon found that the Minnie connector escalator had been turned off. This forced people to take the single flight of stairs manually which allowed enough time for people on the crowded Donald level to funnel out.

It got pretty scary, we actually got to the front of the queue on Minnie level and held up the line of people behind us because the small area below in Donald was so full of people that it would have been very dangerous had anymore people started to pile up down there.

Hopefully Disney is handling this situation a little more proactively while the short construction project is underway!

The line to get to escalators stretched into the driveways.

That meant passing traffic had to intersect the queue of people.

The walkway to and from the escalators is extremely narrow.

This small area was getting overloaded with people as the escalator continued shuffling people from Minnie down to Donald while people on Donald were also trying to filter in. Thankfully someone E-stopped the Minnie escalator to alleviate the problem.

Preferred Parking is seemingly still not so popular. Is this positioning premium enough for the $15 up-charge? Decidedly our answer is no. If this service perhaps offered you express screening through security and/or tram boarding then it might make a lot more sense but to park just a little bit closer on this level considering you still have to face a myriad of obstacles before you even get to the park gates makes this a seemingly easy up-charge to skip.

Couldn’t resist this shot as the tram passed by on our way to Downtown Disney…

Backside of Disneyland Railroad

The popular Disneyland Railroad is back in operation and we shared several pictures of the returned experience on a previous pictorial update but this time we noticed that there’s a whole other level of detail to appreciate along the Frontierland portion of the tracks when you turn around and look behind you!

So enjoy now we as take a look at the backside of the Disneyland Railroad. (Also known as the left side depending on how you’re sitting in the train.)

This waterfall/cave hide the marina that stores show support for Fantasmic! Pretty awesome!

We thought that this had disappeared (since its original location is now part of Galaxy’s Edge) but it turns out it’s now on the left-side of the tracks! Look out for it on the left-side of the tracks after you pass the Native American village.

You can see some of the mountain range for Galaxy’s Edge poking up over the berm.

Howdy Woody! Speaking of Woody we found a Toy Story reference in the Big Thunder Trial that we’d missed before. More on that in a bit…

A gold Autopia car is now sitting by the Agrifuture billboard.

More Frontierland

On our last pictorial visit, we didn’t have a chance to check out some of the other newly accessible areas in Frontierland so we now take a look at those areas…

Ready to go canoeing?

New lighting fixtures around the area.

And now a look further down the new walkway that will lead into Galaxy’s Edge.

That’s as far as you can go for now…

For some reason this post was the only one in all the fence that we saw that had these striations.

One of the new trees along the river seems to be ripe with Hidden Mickey opportunities.

Love seeing all the watercraft moving on the river again!

We checked out the new Big Thunder Trail a few weeks ago but some of the portions leading up to the Galaxy’s Edge have also opened up a little more so we went to take a look!

Check out the PSA message on the first poster. Pretty solid Toy Story reference? Other posters tout Clementine the mising donkey and the Rianbow Ridge Municipal Tencenniel Celebration and Barn Dance.

More posters tout a “fireworks display tonight” with river-front picnic seating, a postmaster job needed promising decent hours and lousy pay, and a wanted poster for Lady Goldenhair and The Long Island kid.

You can really get a sense of the scale of this rockwork at Disneyland with the people standing at the back to this second entrance into the Galaxy’s Edge.

Another entrance into the Galaxy’s Edge.

Fantasmic! Eats

There’s a bunch of new eats available at Disneyland in celebration of the return of Fantasmic!

More Info: New must-eats at Disneyland with late-night menu and Fantasmic! treats

Blackberry Beignets are fun. Powderd sugar is mixed with an indigo colored blackberry sugar that has edible silver stars mixed in creating a sparkly and delicious twist on a classic Disneyland favorite. Here’s a fun video by Disney on how they make the beignets.

Fantasmic! eats include…

Around Disneyland

In an effort to minimize scalping and ticket sharing Disney is now photographing ALL guests for ALL ticket media. That means on your first entrance into a Disneyland Resort park, your photo is taken and linked to the ticket. This does slow down the entrance process significantly, especially in the mornings when a large number of people are using their tickets for the first time.

Maps promoting the return of Fantasmic!

You can get Fanta orange slush at the Coffee Cart in the hub.

Some work visible at the River Belle Terrace.

Paying respects to Marty Sklar who passed away last month.

More Info: Disney Legend Marty Sklar has passed away at age 83

Before Downtown Disney had opened there was a large number of people waiting to get their hands on the limited edition Harold Funko Pop figure.

Around the Resort

The new Splitsville location has really extended out quite a bit farther than its predecessor, the House of Blues Anaheim, had before.

Disney recently confirmed the departure of Build-a-Bear, Chapel Hats, and Ridemakerz at Downtown Disney in favor of a new dining concept. Confusingly, an announcement was made last week that a VR experience called STAR WARS: SECRETS OF THE EMPIRE was coming to Downtown Disney. While there may not be any connection what-so-ever it does beg the question: What is in store for the future of Downtown Disney?!

More Info: STAR WARS: SECRETS OF THE EMPIRE promises multi-sensory VR experience at Disneyland Resort, WDW

Spirit of Aloha is back again at Downtown Disney eateries.

More Info: Celebrate the spirit of Hawaii throughout Downtown Disney this summer

The plants around Downtown Disney continue to be a beautiful enhancement.

Disney replaced the grass that used to occupy the planter here on the walkway to Downtown Disney. With increased foot traffic as a result of the changes at Mickey and Friends the grass closest to the sidewalk had yellowed and died. It’s also more drought friendly.

Never noticed that the grass at the tram loading area is actually not real! More drought-friendly upgrades. Kudos!

Merch Run

How do you take your tea? Black as your soul perhaps?

The doormouse tea-seat is also super cute.

Cute concept although not a fan of the execution.

A bunch of awesome candy dish ramekins.

Used the Castle Holiday Shoppe to escape the heat.

Always wanted these guys as ornaments although I preferred how they looked before with more clean white marble vs the blue stony texture with yellow eyes here.


Had a few people ask us for clearer shot of the posters featured in this calendar.

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