Last week, I lost my camera. I got a call on Friday that it was found! Woohoo!! In this update we take a look at some more of the Summer of Heroes offerings (with some pics we took last week before we lost the camera) but also a few other new goings on including Matterhorn’s brand new permanent Fastpass machines, progress on the Star Wars themed-land, and more.

There’s a lot going on and of course we’ll have a small merch run for you at the end. All of this and more in our latest pictorial. ENJOY!

A Towering Debut

Guardians of the Galaxy – Mission: BREAKOUT debuted last week with a whole lot of hullabaloo that included a grand opening ceremony and premiere party. Get your ticket in and take a look at all the festivities in our link below.

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Full Ride Experience

Disney invited us to to the grand opening celebration for the new Guardians of the Galaxy – Mission: BREAKOUT and we had the opportunity to really soak it all in. Below we have a complete video of the full experience including a walk-through of the queue, the safety spiel, and even on-ride footage!

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Hidden Surprises

Easter eggs are a new hallmark of Disney Imagineering and we recently had the chance to explore the new Guardians of the Galaxy – Mission: BREAKOUT attraction with Imagineer Danny Handke. Find out below about just SOME of the secrets inside including surprise references and special in-jokes.

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Matterhorn Fastpass

The Matterhorn has been open for a few weeks now and it debuted with Fastpass but the service was being handled through temporary kiosks. Now the new Fastpass distribution area has debuted too!

Five new machines have sprung up under the monorail path.

A new sign highlights the “Matterhorn Trail.”

A closer look at the new sign.

Height marker with junior yeti footprints.

Valais Valley Ski & Hiking Supplies is stamped on one of the crates nearby.

Closer look at the new distribution kiosks.


Not sure when this happened but several of the trees here removed and/or trimmed back.

We shared these a few weeks ago when they debuted but another look at the Fastpass and Stand-By Wait Time signage.

Star Wars Land

The construciton is really taking off on the site of the Star Wars themed land. The two-floor structure for the First Order Stormtrooper attraction is proving to be quite the massive one. As it grows, it obstructs more and more views into the land.

Summer of Heroes

We were planning to cover Summer of Heroes more in depth in our pictorial last week but we lost our camera. Thankfully, we got a call on Friday that they’d found it so we have now all those photos to share!

Park Maps and Times Guides highlight all the new offerings for the summer of heroes.

A look at the park map for the first time since the opening of the Guardians of the Galaxy – Mission: BREAKOUT.

The attraction’s proven quite popular and has required overflow space that goes backstage.

The queue space at the Hyperion was used opening weekend for even more extended space.

The Fastpass line in the mornings can get quite long.

Fastpass goes out pretty quickly.

This is used as overflow queue for Fastpass return. Later in the afternoon when the Red Car Trolley returns to operation, the overflow queue extends into “a bug’s land.”

Fastpass Distribution is not a lot different than before. New travel stickers highlight worlds across the Marvel universe.

This hatch is causing quite a bit of hullabaloo. What does it MEAN?? What’s in the hatch??

4, 8, 15, 16, 23, 42

Don’t remember seeing these scanners at the attraction opening weekend.

When Rocket mutes the Collector in his office, the video keeps running even though the sound was cut. If you pry your eyes from the awesome Rocket figure and keep watching the video you’ll see the Collector start pointing out different things on his desk…

One item which he even picks up is the howling hound that you might recognize from the Haunted Mansion! You can see a picture of the pooch in the mansion on

In case you missed it above, we have a full look at a bunch of the different Easter Eggs you can find inside the attraction. Find it here: WATCH: Easter Eggs and other surprises inside Guardians of the Galaxy – Mission: BREAKOUT – #SummerofHeroes.

Star-Lord and Gamora have a boombox dance party that draws a healthy crowd.

Groot comes out for the performance and then does a meet and greet with guests.


Groot sippers.

So cute! Here’s a look at some more of the new merchandise with our very own Becca and Disney Cast Member Ashley.

Summer of Heroes Menu Options

There’s also a bunch of food options available for the Summer of Heroes!

Lines everywhere! Schmoozies is selling an assortment of hero donuts and all new blended drinks.

Gamma-sized Donut includes Blackberry Currant filling in a croissant donut topped with green icing and purple sprinkles. It’s definitely Hulk-sized.

Award Wieners has all Heroed Up.

Award Wieners Summer of Heroes Menu.

More goodies available at Award Wieners.

Studio Catering Co.

Studio Catering Co. Summer of Heroes Menu.

The Milano drink is made of Fanta orange slush with blue cream.

Space Outpost Tacos are for the less adventurous tastes. Chicken, onions, cilantro. Pretty basic.

Obviously Nachos are loaded with chicken, cheese sauce, chipotle crema, and green onions. These are our favorite item of all the Summer of Heroes food offerings.

Cosmic Canteen.

Cosmic Canteen Summer of Heroes Menu.

Promising Future Falafel Pita with a mint sauce. Delicious! The falafel is made fresh on property.

Sub Sandwhich is pretty straight-forward fare.

Cross-section of the sandwich.


Bifrosties Summer of Heroes Menu.

Avengers Training Initiative is one of the new entertainment offerings. Think Jedi Training Academy and you’ve got the idea.

Heroic Encounter: Black Widow brings out the Avenger badass for a meet and greet experience.

There’s complimentary super hero face painting.

Of course, there’s long lines here, too!

The Hero Action Center helps you figure out what kind of hero you’re like.

Stark Expo Hong Kong references the Iron Man ride that opened there.

Trash Unite!

The Disney Junior Dance Party is not technically part of the Summer of Heroes but it also opened along with the Guardians of the Galaxy – Mission: BREAKOUT attraction.


Trees and plants are starting to go in along the new portions of the Rivers of America. The whole river is expected to make its return this summer.

The Big Thunder Trail could return to operation as early as this week reconnecting Frontierland to Fantasyland.

Sailing Ship Columbia is a tangle of ropes!

A look at the deck with Fantasmic! padding staged in the center.

Around Disneyland

Spidey Apples to help you celebrate the Summer of Heroes.

The featured gourmet apple has chocolate, pecans, and caramel.

Apple Pie Apples. Doesn’t seem Kosher.

Or you can just get a good old fashioned piece of Chocolate Cake at Plaza Inn.

Captain Jack Sparrow was greeting guests near the Columbia… waiting for her to be sea-faring again methinks.

Tomorrowland is free of Season of the Force.

Classic Space Mountain is back.

Monorail is down for a bit.

Red Rose Taverne is still pulling in long lines at opening.

Princess Aurora was greeting guests at her castle. She traded off with Merida.

Don’t mind if I dew.

Now that Tour Guide Gardens have reopened the kiosk goes back to being nothing.

Feeling suitably spring/summer in here.

Main Street Strawhat Strutters.

Main Street is all red, white, and blue.

Around Disney California Adventure

Buena Vista Street is also festooned in patriotic regalia.

Setting up for the Red-Carless News Boys.

Walls are up around the marquee into Cars Land.

Welcoming Cruz Ramirez.

Looks like they’re doing something semi-major here.

Corn Dog Castle is back.

That means the regular menu has returned to Paradise Garden Grill.

Pesto Ravioli is delicious!

You can still meet and greet Elena of Avalor.

Someone sneezed so Golden Zephyr had to close.

New carpet being laid at Disney Animation.

The Animation Academy is still open, you enter through the side of the building.

Where’s the tablet stylus?

Merch Run

Guardians artwork.

This was so precious. Donald Duck was going offstage and this little girl was reaching to him for a hug. She was screaming crying, Donald turned around and blew kisses but it was clear the girl just needed a hug so Donald came back briefly gave her a hug. It was a brief moment but she was instantly placated so that when he left the second time she was completely fine.

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