Spring Break is here and as the Disneyland Resort continues its trend of packing in the crowds, there’s a ton of activity with construction and refurbishment projects, too.

Perhaps most interesting this week is at the construction site Star Wars themed land where walls have come down in a few areas revealing more looks at the new areas under development. One such area near the Hungry Bear has revealed that a fan-favorite keel boat has returned to the river. The Gullywhumper is an homage to the previous Mike Fink Keel Boat attraction which made its return a few years ago to the Rivers of America. It seems the cherished piece of Disney history will continue to live on in the park once more.

Meanwhile, the other big construction project is over at Disney California Adventure where the former Tower of Terror is getting ready for its debut as Guardians of the Galaxy – Mission: BREAKOUT. More and more facade details continue to emerge as scaffolding and tarps continue to disappear. Also at DCA, we find that Toy Story Midway Mania has finally debuted its new FastPass system which has instantly sent standby waits for the attraction soaring up to 50% longer or more!

Fans of Dapper Days in the parks will find a bevvy of new threads at Vault 28 in Downtown Disney under the name of THE DRESS SHOP. The Disney Bounding-inspired designs feature adorable designs celebrating Tower of Terror, Haunted Mansion, Pirates of the Caribbean, Snow White, and more. Tons of really cute fashions to drain your bank accounts.

Of course, we have a small merch run for you for even more money-draining opportunities. All of this and more in our latest pictorial. ENJOY!

Get egg-static!

The Disney Egg-stravaganza is again this year with three different hunts respectively located at Disneyland, Disney California Adventure, and Downtown Disney. All you have to do is buy your $5.99 Disney Egg-stravaganza Maps!

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Wine and Dine

There’s only ONE WEEK left of the Disney California Food and Wine Festival, take a look at our INSIDE AND IN DEPTH report on the event.

Tale for a limited time…

You can still catch Disney’s BEAUTY AND THE BEAST at the fabulous Hollywood El Capitan Theatre now through April 30. With special extras like a costume/prop exhibit, a custom curtain pre-show, and special dining packages this is an unparalleled way to experience the new Disney classic.

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Star Wars Land

Taming the Frontier

Last week the walls came down on the new pathway that will eventually lead to the Star Wars themed-land. For now it just leads to the Hungry Bear restrooms. The change in wall setups here offers new views into the construction site.

One of the first things we noticed amidst all the new rockwork was…

The return of what appears to be the Gullywhumper keel boat!

Ready for water. Now where’s Mike Fink and will his cabin be burning?

Meanwhile, we can see the new route for the Disneyland Railroad will be weaving amongst all this great new rock-work.

Still quite a ways to go.

Looks like prep for water and/or drainage here.

Meanwhile, near Big Thunder Mountain, some of the walls came down offering a glimpse of the new Big Thunder Trail that feature two of the three entrances into the new Star Wars themed land.

Lots of new visuals to behold as you walk around the area.


As Frontierland keeps moving through at supersonic speed for its reopening this year, Tom Sawyer Island’s southern end appears to have just about come to its final appearance although work continues as Disney tweaks and adjusts the new version of Fantasmic! that will be debuting later this year. No official date has been set as yet.

The island is still closed but there is a silver lining.

No literally, a new network of thin silver colored pipes now run the entire span of the southern end of the island.

It runs near the water’s edge.

Barrel is neat and pretty for sitting.

Barges remain staged on the eastern side of the river.

Into the Boo Box!

Sailing Ship Columbia is looking regal, just awaiting her sails.

Wind in the sails!

Breaking In

Guardians of the Galaxy – Mission: BREAKOUT facade continues to develop into its final form with new details breaking out. The attraction officially opens in just 48 days!

Spring Treats

Have you succumbed to the magic of a Disneyland Fudge Egg? They come in three flavors, Chocolate Cream, Chocolate Nut Fudge, and Peanut Butter.

There’s also a host of egg pops matching the designs on this year’s Disney Egg-Stravaganza!

Another look at the pops.

There are also special Easter Egg inspired Candy Apples. Adorable!

A few weeks ago we tried the DELICIOUS new Blueberry Lemon Funnel Cake from the Hungry Bear. YUM!

Around Disneyland

Some of the water features were turned on at the base of the Matterhorn today.

Still dry up top.

Not much interesting visible behind the Matterhorn refurb walls.

A comfy chair, though.

Baby duckies. Cuz, yes.

Snow White Grotto is making major advancements.

It’s just a little hard to see behind the tarps.

Spring Break is here people!

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Around Disney California Adventure

Toy Story Midway Mania is now offering FastPass.


Busy busy!

Cove Bar switchbacks rolled THREE columns deep.

Anybody remember being able to walk up to water-side seating at any time of the day and ordering a mountain of Lobster Nachos?

Around Downtown Disney

Although it’s not visible from ground level, vertical construction has finally started on the new Splitsville location coming to Downtown Disney.

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Curl Surf got an actual proper sign.

They also had a TOM’S Style Your Sole event going on.

The Dress Shop

The Dress Shop might be an exclusive location in Orlando’s Disney Springs but the merchandise is not and you can find some of the great new dresses at Vault 28 in Downtown Disney!

Tower of Terror dress perhaps not so timely anymore for California but still fun!

Minnie and Snow White inspired dresses. So dapper!

A closer look at the Snow White dress… the bites are silhouettes of the dwarfs!!

Belle and Alice/Mad Tea Party inspired dresses available too.

A better look at the Belle dress.

Adorable accessories a must.

This pattern, though!

A look at the pattern on the Alice/Mad Tea Party dress. So cute!

Accessories a must.

A Haunted Mansion dress on the left (with purple purse accessory) and a Pirates of the Caribbean inspired dress with matching head band. And petticoats in black. Obviously!

A better look at the Haunted Mansion dress.

A closer look at the Pirates of the Caribbean dress.

Pirates headband.

Even the Orange Bird dress made its way west-coasterly.

Matching bag.

Mary Blair inspired dress with Small World motif.

A closer look.


I suppose there’s a “the end” joke there but we still have more to share…

Merch Run



Guardians of the Galaxy merchandise is slowly dominating the retail spaces.

Tee Time!

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