The word “encyclopedia” reminds me of sifting through dusty old books looking for something to help fill in the holes of a grade school report – yeah, I had to do those things without the benefit of the internet. Sure, I could Hey Siri (or OK Google) to get the date the Haunted Mansion opened but then I would miss all the other fun facts in the 5 pages of information related the Mansion that one will find in newly released 3rd Edition of The Disneyland Encyclopedia by Chris Stodder.

Listed in alphabetical order are history and facts of “every land, attraction, restaurant, shop and major event” in Disneyland. This third edition includes 55 new entries (I like how they did that), over 600 in total. If you are looking for a more commonly found grouping of entries per land, you can find these references by area on the map in the beginning of the book.

Want to know how Paul Frees contributed to the park? How about Ray Bradbury’s relationship with Walt Disney? Where was Magnolia Park in the early years and where might it be today? How about the evolution of the Main Street Electrical Parade? Or one of my favorites – Star Tours!

Photo credit: Chris Strodder

Don’t be put off by the encyclopedic nature of this book – it’s a great read from cover to cover and an essential reference for any Disney and Disneyland fan. Peppered throughout the book are lots of pictures and many “Moucellany” that include fun trivia and stand out facts related to an entry.

A great reference for any first-time visitor (it also includes information on the area surrounding Disneyland) or fun for a regular to learn more about “The Happiest Place on Earth”. I’m bringing my copy with me on my next visit to the park!