Minnie and Daisy star in a new collection perfectly timed for Valentine’s Day with MINNIE: HELPING HEARTS on DVD! The dynamic duo are always ready to lend a hand wherever the can. And this time they get to be cruise ship directors for a Valentine’s Day cruise!

The DVD is packed with everything you would expect from Disney and these fun loving characters. Catchy tunes, fuzzy feelings and great lessons fill each of the episodes.

The DVD includes 8 episodes:

  • The Happiest Helpers Cruise!
  • The Big Broadcast
  • Adventures In Buddysitting!
  • Lights! Camera! Help!
  • Grandpa Beagle’s Day Off
  • Artful Helpers
  • Cuckoo La-La
  • Figaro’s New Friend

You’re family can enjoy watching Minnie and Daisy overcome a variety of challenges with a smile on their faces and lots of laughs. They eagerly jump on any request for help including taking on roles such as museum security, personal assistants, fashion designers and babysitters.

These two prove that no job is too big as long as you have the right attitude! The DVD is a must for any Minnie and Daisy fans!

MINNIE: HELPING HEARTS is available on DVD now!