From now until April 23, you can enjoy the KNOTT’S BOYSENBERRY FESTIVAL at Knott’s Berry Farm. The joyous festival includes a tribute to the trademark boysenberry! We were invited to see and taste what the festival has to offer and report back now on the surprisingly robust offering!

We present now a few of the MUST-SEE things for the 2017 KNOTT’S BOYSENBERRY FESTIVAL

The Easter Beagle

Cuter than the Easter Bunny and more reliable than the Great Pumpkin… it’s the EASTER BEAGLE! No Knott’s visit is complete with a hug from Snoopy. Get your pics, get your hugs. So cute!

The Entertainment

Snoopy’s Boysenberry Jamboree

There’s a whole lot to take in during the festival but the standout for us was hands down Snoopy’s Boysenberry Jamboree. It had to be the most perfect slice of theme park nostalgia we’ve seen in quite some time. It’s probably the most “Disney” show we’ve seen in years… and this wasn’t even Disney!

The premise is simple. Snoopy and the gang are celebrating the Boysenberry Jamboree with songs, music, and a few character moments sprinkled in-between. It’s the kind of entertainment that gives you the warm goosies with a great mix of classical dance numbers (including Singing in the Rain, Bunny Hop, and more). There’s costume changes, fun choreography, it’s a really fun offering.

The whole thing is just so wonderfully executed, we couldn’t get enough.

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More to Explore

There’s a whole lot going on with the park entertainment including the return (after a 20 year hiatus) of the Bird Cage Melodramas plus favorites like Krazy Kirk and the Hillbillies and Ghost Town Miners.


You can pick up one of two different Tasting Cards that give you a taste of all the festival has to offer, food and drink. The $25 food tasting card is a fantastic value offering SIX menu items around the festival. You can also get your fill of wine and beer with a special tasting card.

The six menu items, ranked from fav to least are: Boysenberry Ravioli, Boysenberry Meatballs, Boysenberry Buffalo Wings, Boysenberry Fry Bread, Boysenberry Panna Cotta, and Boysenberry Pizza. We thoroughly enjoyed everything on the tasting card except for the pizza which was perhaps just a little too strange for our tastes.

Here’s a Live video from our Instagram! Like us @MouseInfo on Instagram to stay up to date with the latest and greatest!

There’s also a ton of wine and beer options to enjoy. The cider was especially tasty and refreshing. Pro-tip, you can ask for your cider to be half beer for an extra frothy kick.

Hand-crafted Boysenberry Cream Sodas were one of the more unique treats to enjoy during the festival. Made to order with a bunch of different ingredients, this tasty treat is served in plastic mason jar that you get to keep!

There’s a ton of other festival goodies to enjoy all around the park. Just look for the Boysenberry signs and you’ll know a culinary adventure awaits.

There’s also some pre-packaged boysenberry goodies that you can enjoy in park or take home and enjoy later…

History of Boysenberry

Sure, it’s basically just a museum style video presentation playing on loop but it’s actually really well done and I’d wager that most people don’t know much about the origins of Knott’s Berry Farm or how the boysenberry came to be their “berry” special offering. This 10-minute presentation was a wonderful respite from the crowds and a fun look into the past. Here’s a short 5-minute preview courtesy of Knott’s.


Knott’s has a surprisingly robust merchandise offering with a bunch of purchsables to drain your wallet… assuming you have anything left after sampling all the culinary delights that abound.

VR Showdown in Ghost Town

This is not part of the festival but we were invited to check out the new VR Showdown in Ghost Town game. This one struck us from a little out of left field. At the back of the park, you can enjoy a new 360 headset experience that puts a virtual gun in your hand and throws you back in time to a ghost town that is being attacked by some major creepy robot foe. It costs $3 per person and up to two people can play at a time in each of the pods but multiple pods can play together within the same game.

Boysenberry Selfies

There’s a bunch of beautiful flowers and photo-ops all around the park for those #BoysenberryFestival selfies!

See it for Yourself!

You can enjoy KNOTT’S BOYSENBERRY FESTIVAL at Knott’s Berry Farm now through April 23.