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For as long as I can remember, HOCUS POCUS has been a Halloween time classic for me and my family and yet always slightly disappointed because it never quite seems to get its due fair shake with a home release. In recent years, the film seems to have had a small bit of a rebirth, further cementing its cult-status and now on the event of its 25th Anniversary, you can bring home HOCUS POCUS 25th Anniversary latest Edition.

Does it come chock full with the extras we’ve been waiting for so patiently? Unfortunately, no, but what we do get with the new “Multi-Screen Edition” release is the ability to have the film both on Blu-ray and oh-so-coveted digital format. That alone makes ownership of this newest release worth a purchase.

Normally, it falls on to the bonus features to really seal the deal and clinch the victory of being a MUST-OWN release. But since we’ve only got two bonus features here they have to be pretty decent ones and luckily they ARE!

If you’re any sort of HOCUS POCUS fan, you’ve probably already seen the 1993 making-of featurette that highlights the movie magic with behind the scenes interviews, shots, and general movie-making sorcery. We get that included here which is always great.

The only other feature upon which to bestow any extra attention is actually quite a weighty one and it’s a new way to watch the entire movie. No, it’s not a director’s cut, it’s the We ♥︎ “Hocus Pocus”: Trivia and Treats Edition. What exactly is it? Take the idea a director’s commentary track and then imagine it having sucked up the souls of all the children in Salem!

This bonus feature is a pretty robust offering with magical additions that would make Winifred Sanderson herself blush. Basically, it’s the entire movie shown with picture-in-picture insets of storyboards, concept art, image stills, photographs, and video interviews giving more insights and trivia about the wicked sisters and the production of the film.

Think back to the 1990s and VH1 program Pop-Up Video and you’ll get the idea for what it’s like watching the We ♥︎ “Hocus Pocus”: Trivia and Treats Edition of the movie.

The only new bonus feature is very cool one but it still leaves me wanting so so so much more. On its own, the special edition of the movie might not be worth enough to make you want to upgrade from your current copy of the movie. But if you are digital savvy and looking to have the likes of Sarah, Mary, and Winifred on the ready then you’ll absolutely want to treat yourself to HOCUS POCUS 25th Anniversary Edition.

HOCUS POCUS 25th Anniversary Edition is now available.

Hocus_Pocus_2018_6 75_BD_CE_No_Credit

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