Is it jut a massive weird, creepy house? Certainly not. The Haunted Mansion is an eery and mystical place where untold stories are just waiting to be explored. That’s the direction theat Marvel and Disney Kingdoms went when they opted to bring to life a short-form comic series based on the classic Disney attraction.

Now that all five issues of the story have been released, you can get your hands on a really nifty hardcover book that combines all five issues (with their respective cover artwork) and it’s all ad-free! Not only that, but at the end of the book, we’re treated to a fantastic collection of original concept art for the attraction done under the direction of Walt Disney and his Imagineers.

The collection of concept art is impressive and certainly left us wanting way way more. Still, in the small selectoin of artwork, there’s a great mix of art both familiar and not-before-seen (by me, at least). The art includes concept art from when the project was a Museum of the Weird and also several scenes showcasing the attraction as a walk-through.

As for the comic itself, you can check out our thoughts on that in our previous THE HAUNTED MANSION #1 review. The story actually unfolds the story in a manner that parallels the actual experience of going on the ride from the creepy foyer to the ominous stretching room and beyond, it’s an adventure that feels quiet familiar to any fan of the attraction.

As you can see in the beautiful artwork, the story follows mostly closely to the original Haunted Mansion at Disneyland. The detail of the drawings and the insistence of remaining faithful to the actual attraction make this a particularly delightful story in which to get immersed.

THE HAUNTED MANSION hard-cover is a fun read for fans of the attraction and a great gift for a blooming artist and/or Disney Parks fan. For the uninitiated, this tale should work quite well for the intended demographic which skews towards the Casper-aged boys and ghouls.

The hardcover collection is available now!