On another decidedly gloomy morning leading to glorious afternoon, the Disneyland Resort was a hot bed of activity today. Apart from continuing madness from the runDisney Disneyland Half Marathon chaos that befalls the resort every Labor Day weekend, the resort is buzzing with projects in the works and almost in the works.

It’s the final weekend of the #Disneyland60 Anniversary Diamond Celebration so crowds should prove to be especially big through Monday. It’s your final chance to take in FOREVER Fireworks Spectacular, and all the other 60th Anniversary related goodies before they glow away forever. This is also the final weekend for the Paint the Night parade which will go in hiatus until it returns next year.

Halloween Time continues to show up all around the Resort with decorations and merchandise cropping up in both parks and in Downtown Disney. The Haunted Mansion Holiday continues its multi-month drag-makeover as it readies for its launch next weekend. With Halloween Time so close that also means Pumpkin Spice magic is coming back which brings us to the Market House Starbucks. The location is finishing up its exterior refurbishments as other refurbishment projects also finish up this week while others yet take off.

The Star Wars themed land at the back of Disneyland continues to evolve into an ever-growing mass of rebar and concrete while work is progressing on Tom Sawyer Island as the whole island continues to get details and touch-ups during its extensive refurbishment.  We also ran into Gaston in Fantasyland and embarked on another merchandise run.

All of this and more in our latest pictorial! Enjoy!

Halloween Time creeps in

The Halloween Time decorations are back along the Mickey and Friends tram route.


Final weekend to enjoy the #Disneyland 60 Anniversary Diamond Celebration!

Gotta love being in the park at Rope Drop!

Haunted Mansion Holiday

What a difference a week makes! No decorations just last Saturday!

Almost ready to go!

Pretty remarkable how quick this transformation comes every year!

Closer look at details.

Jack Skellington’s human helpers.

Just a creepy mansion in the middle of no where.

Had a request to get these tombstones at the back of the Mansion…

Walls are down over the bricks. Not much noticeable change here.

More walls covering sections of ground which are apparently part of the same project.

More Halloween Time Merchandise

The #Disneyland60 Anniversary Diamond Celebration merchandise table at the Emporium has finally made way for new merchandise… this time for Halloween Time!

Lots of Halloween merch in store.


Not quite Halloween Time but still appropriate. Want both of these!!!

Salt and Pepper Shakers are apparently quite the merch mover.

World of Disney has also put on its Halloween get-up.

The Ducks.

Cinderella and pumpkins are a suitable match!

Fruit Cart on Main Street is also ready for Halloween Time. Several of the windows on Main Street have also begun swapping out 60th Anniversary diamonds for pumpkins.

The Book Off has an assortment of suitably spooky decor.

Star Wars Land

And now everyone’s favorite round-up of pictures of dirt as Star Wars themed land continues to take form…

A panorama across the construction site.

Looks like the Frightfully Fun Parade for Mickey’s Halloween Party is getting some finishing touches.

Tom Sawyer Island

Tom Sawyer Island continues receiving cosmetic updates.

A new dock is on the way.


Still under wraps.

Treehouse unveiled last week, another look.

All the railings in Critter Country were neat and pretty.

More Disneyland

Walls are down on the west side of Main Street Train Station and now they are up on the east side of the station.

Some walls down at Market House Starbucks.

Little Diamond accents all around the park are going to start disappearing after this week.

Not much visible progress here.

Halloween Time explosion coming soon when all the Dia De Los Muertos decorations get added here.

Wind in the sails, wind in the sails! Well, there’s still no sails.

Regular castle returning soon. *snicker*

Peter’s Pan Flight continues its exterior refurbishment.

Yes, yes. A whole fresh path of Mome Raths to step on over here.

Heigh-Ho! Pearly Band heading to the King Arthur Carrousel.

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A dashing fellow with an entourage was moseying around Fantasyland.

Gaston stopped only briefly to greet with guests before keeping it moving through-out the land.

I just can’t even.

Gaston takes some time to admire… himself.

One of my weaknesses at Disneyland. English Toffee.

Peanut Butter Pretzel treats are back.

Pete’s Dragon Candy Apples still give me all the feels.

Over at Disney California Adventure

Probably because of the wonky schedules with the runDisney 10k this morning but Mickey and Minnie were not in the morning performance of the Red Car News Boys.

Regular Carthay Circle returning soon. *snicker*

Halloween is showing up on the Buena Vista Street shops, too.

Talking Tina loves Minnie. Speaking of Talking Tina…

Tower of Terror confirmed for Jan. 2 closure

Disney confirmed this week the January 2 closure of the Twilight Zone Tower of Terror at Disney California Adventure as it makes way for its Marvel makeover into Guardians of the Galaxy – Mission: BREAKOUT.

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It’s really great how all the foliage really started to come in burying the building in mystery similar to its Florida counter part.

Alas… progress…

Merchandise Run

This weekend is potentially your final chance to get a hold of any last-minute Disneyland 60th Anniversary Diamond Celebration merchandise that you’ve been wanting to get your hands on. Monday is the end of the celebration.

Stop by the ATM on your way into the park so you can pick up this baby. $37,500.00.

Have you done the Disney Pin Quest yet?

LEGO Disney Castle is here. $349.

Here’s the box.

Backside of castle.

And now a closer look…

A hop over to the Wonderground Gallery which is featuring David Lozeau and Daniel Davis.

Vault 28 is ready for Halloween Time with tons of Nightmare Before Christmas merchandise.

Fancy some fancy popcorn?



This Jungle Cruise Congo Queen piece by Javier Soto caught my attention.

I need a baby to dress up in all this adorableness.

Shut up…

And take my money…

All of it.

Still think this would have been better if the ear on the left was red.

New Disneyland Resort Ambassadors

Two new Cast Members step into the coveted role of Disneyland Resort Ambassador. Congrats to Alexa Garcia and Mikey Trujillo!

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