If you couldn’t tell by the giant advertisements plastered on every bus in San Diego, Mr. Robot is kind of a big deal. This underdog USA Network television series came out of nowhere and shocked audiences with its raw realism and groundbreaking acting.

Making their San Diego Comic-Con debut yesterdsay, the Mr. Robot cast and crew piled in for an awesome panel that filled every seat in room 6BCF, with an enormous line still waiting outside.

The panel began with an official ‘Fsociety’ public service announcement, and moderator Chris Hardwick took the stage wearing the group’s trademark mask. The panel consisted of the cast stars Rami Malek, Christian Slater, Portia Doubleday, Carly Chaikin and season 2 newcomer Grace Gummer. Though the show focuses on dark material, the panel was filled with tremendous humor and energy from the cast. Below are the Top 5 topics explained from this phenomenal panel:

1) Is Mr. Robot The Next Breaking Bad?

Chris Hardwick explained his passion for Mr. Robot as similar to Breaking Bad, how you emotionally connect to the story and “go all in.” In response to Hardwick’s comment, Rami shouted the classic Jessie line “YEAH, BITCH!” Later in the panel the cast was asked to describe the show and Rami chimed in again and claimed it was actually about “two guys cooking meth in Albuquerque.” Though the two shows do not have similar plots, they both have equally impressive cinematography, acting skills, and writing.

2) So WHY Is Mr. Robot Such A Huge Success?

The state of our world is in such turmoil; it’s overwhelming. Rami explained that we are “controlled by money and are slaves to debt. The top 1% rule the world we live in.” As humans, we feel out of control and wonder how can we really affect the world we live in. Mr. Robot truly captures our cultural dissatisfaction and gives us comfort knowing we aren’t alone in these feelings.

3) What is Going On With Angela’s Character Arch?

Portia was asked during Q&A about her character arch of Angela and how she feels about her sudden changes. So what made the change? “Prada shoes,” Portia jokingly replied, then candidly explained that “she’s a very troubling character… she’s very malleable. You really don’t know what’s gonna happen to her. No one will be able to predict her story arch.” What do you think? Is Angela just drinking the kool-aid on her way to the top, or is she still motivated by her mother’s death? Season 2 will reveal ALL!

4) Is The USA Network The Same As EvilCorp?

During the Q&A session and audience member bluntly asked how the actors felt working for a company similar to EvilCorp while they pretended to take one down on the show. With as much poise as possible, the panelists graciously expressed their appreciation to the network for having the show in the first place. From there they explained that it was a bold move on the network’s part to choose such controversial subject matter, and they wouldn’t be there without them. The question was well handled, considering network executives were in attendance at the panel, but it’s an excellent topic for all of us to ponder.

5) If The Actors Could Play Any Other Role In The Show, What Would It be?

Most of the cast claimed that they would love to have Rami’s complex character Elliot. When Rami replied he said he would want to play his love interest, so he could know what it was like to kiss himself! Hilarity ensued. It was delightful to see how light-hearted Rami was, when we’re used to seeing his dark introverted side.

The audience was treated to a sneak-peak at next week’s episode, which includes a chess match and Elliot’s desire to admit the crimes he’s committed. Do you think he’ll confess? Will it get his father out of his mind? Lots of questions to be answered in Season 2! Tune in to Mr. Robot is on USA Network, Wednesdays at 10/9c.