In a world where we have a ‘happiness epidemic,’ DreamWorks Animation hopes to bring some joy to your life with their newest animated feature, TROLLS. The panel at Sam Diego Comic-Con brought plenty of happiness in Hall H yesterday…

This colorful comedy features the vocal talents of Anna Kendrick and Justin Timberlake, with all new original songs. Both Anna and Justin attended the Trolls panel, hosted by Chris Hardwick, and were joined by director Mike Mitchell, co-director Walt Dohrn, producer Gina Shay.

Here’s the top 5 things we learned at the panel:

1. Anna Kendrick Is As Cool As You’d Expect

We’ve seen her comedic genius as Beca in Pitch Perfect, but is she actually as funny in real life? ABSOLUTELY. She has an ease about her, which makes her witty meta comments even more hilarious. Constantly poking fun at herself, she joked that she is “super famous” and would toss her hair upon receiving a compliment. It’s nice to see that she doesn’t take her fame too seriously, it humanizes her and makes her all the more likable.

2. Chris Hardwick Smells REALLY Good

Did you know that in order for a hug to be effective you have to hold them for at least 7 seconds? Hugging is an important element of Troll happiness, so Chris Hardwick decided to demonstrate a proper hug on Justin. After the awkward and long embrace, Justin commented on how good Chris smelled. But this is Day 1 of Comic-Con, and Chris assured us that his delightful scent would not be as pleasant come Sunday.

3) The Soundtrack Is Going To Be AMAZING!

Whether Trolls are your thing or not, I can guarantee that the music for the film will be a huge success with audiences. Justin worked closely with the movie’s directors to create new and original songs for the film. Along with the musical talents of Anna and Justin, listen out for classic 70’s songs from artists like Simon and Garfunkel.

4) You Won’t See Any Dainty Trolls

Producer Gina Shay discussed the importance of portraying body image for the female characters and assured attendees that the Trolls would maintain their plump shape to keep the characters authentic. Gina herself has an 11 year-old-daughter and wanted to make sure the female lead wasn’t a ‘petite princess’ so as to encourage all body types because “all girls are beautiful.”

5) The Humor Appeals To All Ages

This quick-witted comedic movie may be animated, but it has humor and jokes for the whole family. Attendees were treated to a 16 minute preview of the film, and everyone seemed pleasantly surprised and entertained by the sneak-peak. All of the guests in Hall H were given brightly colored Troll wigs and wore them for a selfie with panel.

TROLLS opens nation-wide at theaters on November 4th!

But wait, there’s more!


Alec Baldwin made his Comic-Con debut with this surprise DreamWorks panel for the animated film, Boss Baby.

Joined by director Tom McGrath and producer Ramsey Naito, Chris Hardwick moderated the panel for this upcoming movie based on the popular book. The animated film touches on the theme that the baby in a family is ‘the boss’ and is Tom McGrath’s “love-letter to his brother; sort of a 50 year late apology for the sibling rivalry.”

Attendees were treated to two clips of exclusive footage from the movie. The all-star cast features the vocal talents of Steve Buscemi, Lisa Kudrow, Jimmy Kimmel, Patton Oswalt and comes to theaters March 31st, 2017.