Ballroom 20 pulsed with energy early Friday morning at San Diego Comic-Con for the annual Big Bang Theory Writer’s Room panel!

Melissa Rauch (Bernadette) was the surprise moderator and was given a stool that allowed the petite actress to see over the podium. Joined by the show’s executive producers, the writers looked back on fun moments from the show, and discussed what we can expect to see in the coming 10th Season.

Check out the highlights below!

NEW CHARACTERS Coming To The Show!

Breaking news: Katey Sagal (Married with Children) will be playing Penny’s mom and Jack McBrayer (30 Rock) will be playing Penny’s brother! As a surprise to the audience, Jack came out on stage and joined the panel. Throughout the past 9 seasons we have heard a lot of stories about Penny’s past and her family, so now we finally get to put faces to the names.

The Sheldon and Amy Coitus Episode

The episode we all waited 9 Seasons to see, FINALLY HAPPENED! When the writers decided to create this plot-line they knew they wanted Bob Newhart in the epidose so he could give Sheldon some fatherly advice. They also decided to do it on a special date that would be annual, like a birthday or a holiday, so Sheldon could make the joke that he can’t wait to “do it again next year.”

Do The Writers’s Real Life Experiences Make It Into The Show?

Absolutely! Art truly imitates life, and it no exception with the Big Bang Theory. The episode where Penny forgets Leonard’s birthday was inspired by writer Jeremy Howe’s wife, and her inability to ever remember his birthday. And the episode where Bernadette gives Howard a FitBit was inspired by when writer Saladin Patterson and how he monitored his wife’s activity levels.


A while back the writers teased executive producer Bill Prady for wearing a shirt that made him look like Woody from Toy Story. The cast would say to him, “is there a snake in your boot?” To get back at them, anytime he worse the shirt, he put a picture of a snake in his shoe, just in case they asked. It took over 18 months for them to ask, and he was finally able to pull the picture of a snake of this shoe! The inside joke went on for WAY too long, but was hilarious once it was finally executed. At the end of the panel, the joke was referenced again, and Bill pulled a custom Comic-Con snake picture out of his shoe!

What’s The Best Part of Working On The Show?

The writers said that coming to Comic-Con is like their Coachella, it’s an amazing opportunity to meet the fans and celebrate this incredible show. Overall, the panel all agreed the best perk is meeting their idols. Show guest stars come from the world science to science fiction, and allow the writers to geek out themselves.

What’s ‘In The Works’?

Penny is a dissatisfied in her career, what could she do next? Her appearance in Serial Apist with Will Wheaton has potential to become a cult classic and she could find herself attending Cons and get paid for signing autographs. And remmeber Fun With Flags? Amy and Sheldon may find themselves at a real life Flag Convention! Season 10 has so much to cover: a baby on the way, a wedding re-do, etc.

The Big Band Theory returns for Season 10 this fall airing Mondays at 8/7c on CBS.

The Big Bang Theory: The Complete Ninth Season will be released on Blu-Fay and DVD on September 13th.