There’s no denying the 3D and virtual reality are an entertainment mainstay these days. Earlier this year, Six Flags Magic Mountain made waves when it announced the virtual reality upgrade to its classic Revolution Coaster, marking the first North American virtual coaster.

Now L.A.-based VR company SPACES Inc. and Songcheng Performance Development Co. Ltd. have entered in a $30 million joint-venture agreement to bring virtual and mixed reality experiences to some of China’s top theme parks.

“VR and MxR (Mixed Reality) will be incorporated into existing shows and rides in ways that have never been possible, with thousands of people able to experience VR simultaneously. Showcasing the transformative nature of virtual reality on such a wide scale will also help the entire VR industry grow at an increasingly faster pace.”

–SPACES CEO Shiraz Akmal

Not just working in the theme park space, there will also be developments for the popular live-streaming video site 6Rooms ( Cathy Zhang, CEO of Songcheng, added: “Virtual reality and mixed reality can revolutionize almost every interaction our guests have in our theme parks and on 6Rooms. This joint venture opens the door to a new and exciting future that is limited only by the imagination.”

In Songcheng’s theme parks, VR and MxR elements will be added to existing attractions, including elaborate, epic stage shows that on their own attract more than 7 million people annually. Songcheng-SPACES also plans to build unique, standalone virtual reality attractions and parks throughout China.

For Songcheng’s 6Rooms, SPACES will create VR experiences that further enhance China’s largest online platform for performing arts. 6Rooms users create and watch more than 50,000 live broadcast hours each day.

SPACES also will provide technology, develop creative concepts, produce and publish VR and MxR experiences, and furnish tech-support services, while Songcheng will operate and promote the VR and MxR attractions. SPACES will also license the underlying software to Songcheng.

Under the agreement, the joint venture will be based in Hangzhou, China, and co-managed by SPACES from its headquarters in Los Angeles.

In addition to its joint venture with Songcheng, SPACES has raised $3 million in seed funding from investors led by Comcast Ventures and including Boost VC; Canyon Creek Capital; Colopl VR Fund; GREE Inc.; Kai Huang; The Venture Reality Fund; the Sinovation Fund; and Youku Global Media Fund and CRCM VC.

SPACES will be meeting with brands and VR/MxR development partners during the upcoming E3 in Los Angeles.