It was a gloomy day at the Disneyland Resort but that didn’t do anything to slow down the crowds from pouring into the parks this weekend.

Star Wars Land continues to forge it’s way into the western back end of the park while Alice has burst through the looking glass into various areas around the parks with a sneak peek at the Sunset Showcase Theatre in Hollywood land. Finding Dory merch has also surfaced and around the park various projects are underway including bringing FastPass back to Pirates of the Caribbean and more!


Today marked the beginning of Peace Officers Memorial Day and Police Week which is why flags at Disneyland were at half staff.

Star Wars Land

Star Wars Land continues razing what was formerly the wild-frontier and some backstage facilities to make way for the Millennium Falcon and a slew of galactic goodies.

Back by the Hungry Bear Restaurant you can see more preparations for Star Wars Land.

Looks like some shopping is going on on the island.

A duck bravely guards the DAP strips.


Autopia is welcoming back the crowds after its reopening last month.

Still one of my favorite parts of the Autopia… a rogue car crashed through the gate in the off-roading section.

Around Disneyland

Bathroom expansion under way at the Starcade neaer Space Mountain’s exit.

No FastPass machines here.

But you can be an alternate for the Trials of the Temple.

Even the Winner’s Circle got a refresh.

One big smoking area.

It would seem that the time left for the old Skyway chalet loading area is fleeting.

MousePlanet shared yesterday that the city of Anaheim filed permits to demolish the long-unused remnant of Disney past.

This area should be changing soon as the Matterhorn gets FastPass for the first time.

Heard a guest at the security screening in the Esplanade comment that the metal detector wands should be designed to look like Tinker Bell’s wands. XD

The Jungle Cruise resurfaced from lengthy refurbishment with little in the way of visible changes.

New bumper guides on the side of the boats help stabilize the boats in the loading dock.

Rollers also appear to add stability. The boats also no longer need to be tethered to the loading dock.

Because the docks are so much more stable, meshed netting on the hand-rails (which also made it harder for younger riders to see out of the boat) are no longer needed and were thankfully removed.

Pirates is due for a little bit of history repeating as FastPass machines are installed once again on the landmark attraction.

Time for TLC.

Sparkly blue waters.

Daisy in her sparkly Diamond Celebration outfit.

Alice bursts through the looking glass

Sunset Showcase Theatre has taken over the former Muppet Vision theater for a sneak peek at ALICE THROUGH THE LOOKING GLASS. Mad T Party props are on display. Little else has been done to the space which was most recently occupied by the For the First Time in Forever: A Frozen Sing-Along.

All the former Frozen theming (including the location’s former name as the Crown Jewel Theatre) is awkwardly still in place.

Merch for ALICE THROUGH THE LOOKING GLASS can be found through-out the parks.

Around Disney California Adventure

The bright pink blooms were some of the only color on the gloomy afternoon.

The DVC area is now fully within view since the Food and Wine Festival ended last month.

It always amazes me how quickly they disassemble and re-assemble this attraction for refurbishment.

Now that the movie previews are taking place at the Sunset Showcase Theatre in Hollywood Land, the It’s Tough To Be A Bug attraction has returned.

Merch In Store

FINDING DORY merch can be found all over the parks now too.

Spidey senses tingling? Marvel is also everywhere.

CAPTAIN AMERICA: CIVIL WAR merchandise abound.

And of course comics can also be found in the parks!

The plush wall at the back of the Emporium is now a princess nook. New merchandise direction has specifically gone into branding each princess as an individual instead of part of a stable of royals. Pretty distinct coloration makes it clear that each princess is her own woman.

Disneyland’s Steam Trains

We never took time to take a look at the train displays in the Main Street Train Station.

The door was open at the Lily Belle offering a better look inside than before.

Nice to be able to take in the sights!

The Disney Gallery also has an exhibit on the trains of Disneyland. Some of the artwork and signage is a repeat of what’s available at the train station but there’s a few additional bric-a-brac.

And with that we find ourselves en route to nowhere in particular…