Without much fanfare, Disney “quietly” implemented metal detectors at the Disneyland Resort as well as new rules that banned costumes on adults and the sale of toy guns or anything that could be perceived as guns. The new changes caused a melee of social media buzz and major news outlets also covered the story.

Disney has assured that the added measures are not in response to a particular threat but rather more in line with the “current state of heightened awareness.” This heightened awareness has spread to Universal Studios parks, as well, with similar measures being taken.

Additional details on each of the new measures below.

Toy Gun Ban

Toy guns are no longer allowed at the Disneyland Resort. As part of the ban, Disney has also pulled all such toys from the shelves across the Resort including Buzz Lightyear toy blasters, water squirt guns, and even the popular Bubble Guns.

Lightsabers, Bows and Arrows, Swords, and other non-gun toy weapons continue to be sold in the parks. Additionally, toys or action figures that come with guns are also still being sold.

Adult Costume Ban

Despite just recently–within the past few years–having been more lenient with the rules that allowed adult guests to dress in costumes in the park, Disney has once again reinstated a hard ban on the wearing of costumes by anyone aged 14 and older.

Metal Detectors

As for the metal detectors, guests are chosen at random for the screenings. We actually were chosen for one such screening and all security and cast members involved were exceedingly polite and re-assuring; thanking us for our patience and time as we unceremoniously emptied out our pockets to walk through the metal detector gates.

Unlike the airport or TSA where everything seems to be handled with heightened sense of seriousness, these screenings were as Disney as they could possibly be while still making you feel completely sad for the current state of affairs; not with Disney specifically but the world at large.

It’s unclear how long the new measures will remain in place but it serves as a chilling sign of the times.