It was a soggy Saturday evening at the Disneyland Resort but after seeing STAR WARS: THE FORCE AWAKENS (check out our review of the film) we knew we had to hop aboard a Starspeeder at Star Tours and voyage to Jakuu.

Our intergalactic voyage turned out to be not all that different from domestic air travel here on Earth as our entrance into the park was greeted by extra security and metal detectors. We got chosen for one of those random screenings, check out our experience here.

After our trip to Jakuu, we flashed back in time to for an audience with Darth Vader courtesy the Disney Visa exclusive card member meet and greet. We also sought audience with the mighty Thor and the friendly Spider-Man. We rounded out the evening with dessert at Plaza Inn and walking out to the beautiful Disneyland Forever Fireworks Spectacular. Enjoying the last few weeks of the #DisneyHolidays!

Disney implemented several new measures in place due to “current state of heightened awareness.” The changes include metal detectors, bans on toy guns, and bans on anyone over the age of 13 in costume.

Check out our full summary of the new safety measures at the Disneyland Resort.

FastPass now being distributed as Aladdin moves towards its final performances on January 10.

City Hall’s Christmas Tree decked out with some #Disneyland60 blue hues.


Dark ominous clouds building over the skies of Disneyland. It’s only a 60% chance of rain though…

The dark skies and Christmas decorations provided a suitable backdrop for the Matterhorn looming over Main Street.

The rain-heavy dark clouds made the warm glow of Main Street pop just a little more.

Center Street.

Disney Holidays dazzle during the #Disneyland60.

The newest and final Enchanted Window finally launched at Disneyland this past week giving quite the show as the Cave of Wonders transforms from dark and eerie to bright and warm with the arrrival of Genie.

Check out our full recap of the new Aladdin enchanted window.

The new lights on the trees on Main Street are a fantastic touch.

Went on Star Tours: The Adventures Continue after watching Star Wars: The Force Awakens and the new Jakku additions make a lot more sense now!

Once the rain started coming down we found ourselves running for shelter inside of the Star Wars Launch Bay.

Since we’re Disney Visa cardholders we decided to go visit the exclusive Darth Vader character greeting area.

What a great photo sesh!

We also ventured to meet with our friendly neighborhood Spider-Man!

There was not a big wait to be transported through the Bifrost so we took the opportunity to visit Asgard.

Ragnarok is coming.

I always thought this area of the Star Wars Launch Bay was a recreation of the famed Cantina but alas as per the Aurebesh glyps, it would seem we’re actually at The WED Treadwell Casino. A Wed Treadwell droid (the one shown above) is a repair droid found throughout the outter rim, especially on Tatooine.

Super deep cut here… DS SOLD HERE.

Two suns, half the price. Drink up!

It does look like the Cantina, though.

No cheating!

Knick knacks.

Chug a lug.


Bantha Blast, sounds delish!

Ancient game.

House Rules.

Battledroid lamp.

What manner of libations do they serve here?

There was just a little bit of rain and the $65 Lightsaber Umbrellas were flying off the shelves. They come in Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader varieties. It actually lights up when you use it.

More goodies available.

This is an awesome lamp.

Warm and inviting Plaza Inn.

So pretty!

Yule Log!

When it rains Plaza Inn actually turns its patio lamps into heat lamps and they open pink retractable curtains that help keep in the heat.

Also when it’s raining, seating inside the restaurant is actually reserved and only available to those who wait in line under the extended awning. Seating outside is still available first come first serve.

Basically, it’s just to help ensure that paying guests trying to eat are taking up those seats inside and not people just trying to escape the rain.

These pens are the CUTEST THING EVER. It’s  topped with adorable little cupcakes. You use the pen clip to click the pen into “on” mode. When the pen is on Minnie (or Mickey)’s little head pokes out of the cupcake. When you turn the pen “off” the little head pops back down.

Love this journal!

These blankets are the CUTEST thing. Who knoew FRONTIERLAND would have some of the resort’s most adorable merch???

One thing that did not exist in the Frontierland shops (or anywhere else in the Resort) were toy guns.

Mt. Wannahockaloogie is awake.

And with the lights turned down low, let it go, let it go… can’t hold it back any more!