The final #Disneyland60 celebration Enchanted Window debuted recently at Disneyland showcasing two magical scenes from Aladdin. It is perhaps the most complex window of all that have debuted, featuring several animation sequences.

The window vignette begins with the ominous dark Cave of Wonders. The lamp arises on its stone pedestal and not soon after we see Aladdin come up behind it looking down in awe. At the mouth of the cave we see Jafar and Iago peering in periodically. Abu in the lower corner can be seen gunning it for the forbidden treasure with Carpet doing his best to stop him.

Of course, Abu can’t contain himself and the cave goes red. We find Aladdin has moved to a new part of the cave with the lamp in hand. A magical animation of smoke comes out of the lamp causing a swirling of magical smoke to move across the window and spawn a gigantic Genie who slides up inside the cave.

Once Genie appears it’s time to showcase a little bit of what he can do and we see the Cave of Wonders begin to fill with earthly treasures.