When we first got our hands on Disney Infinity Toy Box Speedway expansion game at the D23 EXPO earlier this year we knew that this would prove to be one of our favorite parts of the super impressive collection of activities and games that make up Disney Infinity 3.0.

We were right, the Toy Box Speedway expansion game is one of the best ways to engage in the Toy Box.

It’s really quite a lot of fun and seems like it would work really well in a party type environment since the levels are relatively short, offering a lot of opportunity for multiple people to get turns. For now it only allows for 2-player play in Local Co-Op mode but if you connect online you can have a race with up to 4-players.

What’s more, you can use a lot of your unlocked toys and gadgets during gameplay to help you along the way. There’s three main modes of play. Race, Combat Race, and Time Trial. Combat Race is by far the most fun as it encourages competitive play a la Mario Kart (or to stay on Disney theme… like Sugar Rush).


In order to play, simply place the Toy Box Expansion Game Piece on the Disney Infinity Base and unlock several pre-built games that instantly take you into the action.

Toy Box type games can tend to feel a bit unpolished and buggy (especially the ones built by fans) but everything about the Toy Box Speedway feels fully realized, deliberate and carefully crafted. Sumo Digital, who worked on Sonic & All-Stars Racing, was brought in to customize the racing world for Toy Box Speedway and it’s with impressive result.

What’s special?

So what special edge does this have to other Kart style games? Well it’s Disney characters and Disney Worlds! Apart from being to actually race inside of the world of Sugar Rush from Wreck-it-Ralph, you get your pick of any of the Disney Infinity figures that you have to race with and there’s a myriad of vehicle options also available to you.

In Toy Box Speedway, you can race Captain Jack Sparrow in Cinderella’s Carriage through The Nightmare Before Christmas’ Halloween Town while battling for first place along side Kylo Ren in a Main Street Electrical Parade float and Minnie Mouse in a Tron Lightcycle.

Other worlds we got to race in are Sugar Rush Raceway, (squee!!!) Dunes of Tatooine, Arendelle Racing Rink, San Fransokyo Circuit, and Road to Knowwhere. Each one is beautifully created and there’s a definite polish to these games, they don’t feel hokey or disconnected. These are faithfully re-created worlds from the respective movies and it’s a joy to explore them as you drive through.

Final Thoughts

I cannot think of a more worthwhile expansion pack to invest in. Truly, the experience within Speedyway is enough to create hours and hours and hours of gameplay. The competitive nature of the set up really lends itself well to parties and group play. It truly feels like an adequate standalone game feature and definitely worth the separate add cost.

Toy Box Speedway is an expansion game for Disney Infinity 3.0 so you need to already have the game in order to play in the speedway but the good news is that this add-on is available for about $20 from most retailers–That makes it the perfect stocking stuffer for the Disney Infinity fan in your life!