Disneyland Paris is about to go a vast refurbishment program that will transform several areas of the park in much need of attention.

The goal that they’ve set forth is to renovate and modernize ten attractions and shows over the next two years. It’s a lofty bit of work but a lot of it is essentially adding in improvements and upgrades that have been surfacing at the parks stateside (more specifically at Disneyland in Anaheim).

The programme started with the refurbishment of Space Mountain: Mission 2, Videopolis and “it’s a small world” which is nearly almost completed. Below is a recap of some of the fancy new fixings coming to European wonder land.

Disneyland Paris

Star Tours

  • Announcements coming soon.

Space Mountain: Mission 2

Phase 1:

  • Repaint attraction
  • Refurbish Special Effects.
  • Add a Single Rider line.

Phase 2:

  •  Redesigned attraction vehicles (2017)


  • New Jedi Training Academy Show
  • Upgraded State and Interiors package
  • Repainting and refurbishing exterior

“it’s a small world”

  • Attraction refurbishment
  • New color palette for facade
  • New dolls throughout (phased)
  • Refreshed lighting, audio and show scenes

Big Thunder Mountain

  • Refurbishment and repainting of mountain and critters
  • Repainting and trimming of wilderness landscaping
  • New explosion finale like Disneyland in Anaheim

La Cabine Des Robinson

  • Refurbishing and repainitng of tree
  • Restored special effects

Peter Pan’s Flight

  • Renovated lighting
  • New paint


  • New version of the show

Pirates of the Caribbean

  • New special effects
  • Refurbished lighting, audio and animation
  • More announcements coming soon

Walt Disney Studios Park

Studio Tram Tour: Behind the Magic

  • New and revised show scenes