There is something so cool about being transformed into your favorite movie or characters and being able to play in their environment. DISNEY INFINITY 3.0 does just that, even more so than the first two installments of Infinity.

With a few years under its built, the new DISNEY INFINITY 3.0 which launched end of August is by far the most capable and engaging version of the game with literally something for just about everyone in the family. For that reason, it really seems like perfect gift for any level of gamer in the family and even good for group/family play.


Buying “Disney Infinity 3.0” gets you a couple of things: the game itself, the new toy pad, two figures (Ahsoka Tano and Anakin Skywalker) and the TWILIGHT OF THE REPUBLIC Play Set. The Play Set is a great place to expose children who may have never seen a STAR WARS film, since it focuses on the Clone Wars storyline and popular DISNEY XD T.V. show STAR WARS REBELS. Players can go between four different planets, and they need to figure out who has built a new droid army. We also get to fight Darth Maul which is always cool!

I’m not a huge gamer, I pretty much hope I don’t break the game while playing it. But while at the Disney Infinity Pop Up at Comic-Con this year, and also D23 Expo, I was able to get some good hands on time with this game. I was shocked how far I got, and how intuitive it is to play and follow along.

Gameplay is fairly easy once you get the swing of it and as a non-gamer, I love that the game basically holds your hand with tips and hits along the way. When the game first starts a training mode leads you through basic gameplay and then finally leading you into the TOY BOX


The TOY BOX HUB is your portal to literally hours of non-stop fun. The HUB is comprised of a few a pre-created areas that you can go around and do different tasks to earn bonuses.

Also, in the center of the Hub you can speak to different characters about combat, vehicle use, exploration, interior creation, game design, and farming.  The biggest addition to the Toy Box are the more useful Sidekicks who you can now level up to perform tasks that help you in Toy Box games.

The Toy Box is now easier to create and maneuver, and I love the fact there are a number of already pre-made Toy Box levels and games available for players to explore or download more easily from the online network.


For a game that does SO MUCH and offers SO MANY little details, nuances, and methods of play it’s very easy to not catch every single detail. Specifically, one of the biggest setbacks for me was the load time and glitches we found throughout various areas in the game. There were a few times during a level of gameplay when we had to restart because the game would just freeze. I’m sure with the software upgrades and continuous feedback with the community it will get fixed but perhaps the number of features comes to a fault here with QA.

One thing we noticed in 2.0 version of this game was that loading 1.0 characters into the game took quite a bit more time than loading the 2.0 characters. For Disney Infinity 3.0 that is slightly fixed but loading 1.0 and 2.0 characters in Disney Infinity does still take a little longer than I would have hoped.

Final Thoughts

Disney Infinity 3.0 is a perfect gift this Holiday season. When we first received the game and Play Set we spent days in front of the T.V. playing the game and creating in the Toy Box. DISNEY INFINITY has made me a gamer.

When 2015 rings to a close, it will have hours and hours of endless fun with TWILIGHT OF THE REPUBLIC, RISE AGAINST THE EMPIRE, and THE FORCE AWAKENS Play Sets, INSIDE OUT Play Set (which was my favorite; more on that later), MARVEL BATTLEGROUNDS, and the TOY BOX TAKEOVER games.

DISNEY INFINITY continues to be a force to be reckon with and a must-have for any Disney family.