ABC STUDIOS has made its presence at San Diego Comic-Con 2015 known with a giant soundstage plopped right onto the showfloor! Lines for this will likely get quite long but before you dedicate an hour or two of your day you might want to know what’s going on.

The Experience

Once you walk into the studio we find that we’re on the set for UP LATE WITH MISS PIGGY. The show’s star has stormed off the set for the moment but we find that her interview set is lit and ready while the make-up chairs and sound-control panels are also primed and ready.

Once the small groups of 15 or so are ushered in, we’re shown a short introdction to the upcoming THE MUPPETS show that will be debuting on ABC later this fall. After that, we’re invited to step into the photobooth for a virtual photo session with one of seven Muppets. It’s random which one you’ll get but the results as you’ll see below are hilarious.

Once your casting session is completed, you’ll get a print-out of your headshots and the option to have the animated GIF texted to you, tweeted for your, or emailed to yourself. We’d recommend the text for the quickest access to your photo.

Once you have your photo you’re done with the experience.

Be on the look out… rumor has it that while STAGE 2 is currently being used for tapings of UP LATE WITH MISS PIGGY, it actually USED to be used for tapings of ONCE UPON A TIME. What does that mean? Well Regina doesn’t take too kindly to just losing things that once belonged to her so she may on occasion pop into some of the photo booth sessions.




But wait, there’s more!

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