Rogers: The Musical is a hilarious realization of a gag musical from HAWKEYE that is now here to absolutely steal hearts and save the city while it’s at it. We got to see the show opening weekend at Disney California Adventure (check out our review of the Premium Viewing Experience) and we’ve broken out videos below so you can listen in to each of the new songs! ENJOY!

For a one-click listen, check out our YouTube Playlist of Rogers: The Musical Full Soundtrack Tracklist and just let the whole song list play all the way through!

EDITOR’S NOTE: This post was updated 9/13/23 with confirmation from Billboard that the cast recording will be released as a 12-track digital album starting Friday, September 15, 2023.

U-S-Opening Night

I Want You

Star-Spangled Man

Just Once Dance (Preprise 1) / Star-Spangled Man (Reprise) / Just Once Dance (Preprise 2)

What You Missed

Save the City

Save the City (Playoff)

End of the Line

Just One Dance

Rogers: The Musical Finale / Save the City (Reprise) / Rogers: The Musical (Playoff)

Complete Tracklist

For the album version that will release digitally on September 15, below is the full track list and singer credit:

  1. “U.S. Opening Night,” Bella Hicks, Krystle Rose’ Simmons, Alex Karukas, Matthew P. Selby, Rogers: The Musical – Cast
  2. “I Want You,” Josey Montana McCoy
  3. “Star-Spangled Man,” Bella Hicks, Krystle Rose’ Simmons, Rogers: The Musical – Cast
  4. “Just One Dance (Preprise 1),” Luke Monday, Rachel Wirtz
  5. “Star-Spangled Man (Reprise)/Just One Dance (Preprise 2),” Luke Monday, Rachel Wirtz
  6. “What You Missed,” Jay Donnell, Bella Hicks, Krystle Rose’ Simmons, Luke Monday
  7. “Save the City,” Bella Hicks, Andrew Hubert, Luke Monday, Alex Karukas, Rogers: The Musical – Cast
  8. “Save the City (Playoff),” Luke Monday, Rogers: The Musical – Cast
  9. “End of the Line,” Luke Monday, Josey Montana McCoy
  10. “Just One Dance,” Rachel Wirtz, Luke Monday
  11. “Rogers: The Musical Finale/Save the City (Reprise),” Luke Monday, Rachel Wirtz, Josey Montana McCoy, Jay Donnell, Andrew Huber, Bella Hicks, Krystle Rose’ Simmons, Alex Karukas
  12. “Rogers: The Musical (Playoff),” Christopher Lennertz, Alex Kar

Hungry For More?

If you’re thinking about checking out the show with the Premium Viewing Experience, check out our guide below to see if it’s a super hero value or a flat out waste of money. ENJOY!

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See it for Yourself

Rogers: The Musical bursts onto the stage Tuesdays through Saturdays at the Hyperion Theater in Disney California Adventure for a limited-time now through August 31, 2023.

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But Wait, There’s More!

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