Whether you’re ready for it or not, GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY: VOL 3 has hit the play button bringing an end to an epic franchise full of unforgettable moments and this sendoff packs in all the signature laughs, tears, and epic action scenes that you’d expect.

The fast-paced storytelling is exactly the type that the 4DX cinematic format was invented to enhance. Normally, we advise 4DX for second viewings of films but if even if you haven’t yet seen the latest entry into Marvel Cinematic Universe, we still think it’s an absolutely fantastic way to send off everyone’s favorite anti-heroes.


SPOILER-FREE REVIEW: A farewell to a-holes as GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY VOL. 3 rides into the sunset

guradians of the galaxy big game posterA 4DX screening is a feast for the senses and although 3D glasses are not part of this experience, it’s still a multi-sensory explosion of good music and good times!

The folks at 4DX have the unenviable task of constantly finding fun ways to immerse you deeper into a movie with their built-in motion-enabled seats. These fancy seats may not recline, but they do offer a whole lot of movement to help you feel the bass and roll with the punches. Even in regular static seats, this film is a roller coaster ride — but in fully equipped 4DX? HOLD ON TIGHT. Watch out for those hats and glasses and definitely be sure grab your popcorn buckets tight because there’s no safety spiel here to issue warning!


One really notable and effective use of the moving seats was having them whip in perfect sync when the High Evolutionary uses his purple magic to send a telekinetic pulse that knocked back the Guardians to the floor — the convincing effect felt like we were right there with them as it happened. Moving seats aren’t the only effects to make this 4DX presentation special. This is a multi-sensory experience boasts other surprises that include gusts of wind as you soar over an exploding chaos and strobe effects to really make the (plentiful) explosions feel in your face.

Plus, although we didn’t notice their usage at our screening, 4DX theaters are typically also equipped to deliver additional effects including scent effects, sprinkles of mist, puffs of smoke/fog, snow, bubbles, hot air, and seat pokers.


You might have seen a ScreenX mega widescreen presentation or noshed on over-priced eats in a dine-in theater, but if you haven’t experienced a 4DX format film before, you’re truly missing out on a really fun way to enjoy blockbuster movies.

See it for Yourself

GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY: VOL 3 is playing now in theaters and is available in several formats including 4DX which you can learn more about here.