Over the past week, we’ve been joining in on the celebration of the 100 Years of Wonder campaign with an intimate look at the personal space of Walt Disney in his office on the Walt Disney Studio lot in Burbank, California! Check out our full coverage below which includes a look at his secretary’s office, his formal office, his working office, and his private living area and kitchen.

Complete Tour of Walt Disney’s Office

The Secretary’s Office20180816_145414

As with visiting any high-profile executive of a major company, your first stop will be the secretary’s office.

The Formal Office20180816_150139

If you’re all shined up and looking neat and pretty, then step this way for a look at Walt Disney’s formal office.

The Working Office20180816_151216

Time to roll up your sleeves and please feel free to whistle while you work as we take a look at Walt Disney’s working office.

Private Living Space and Kitchen20180816_150554

If you’re ready to unwind from a hard day’s work then relax while we explore Walt Disney’s private living space and kitchen.

The End!

The photos in this pictorial were taken as part of one of many D23 Events held by the official Disney fan club every year. Visit D23.com for more details or check out some of our other coverage of D23 events below.

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