It’s 2023 and that means it’s been a full century since the official formation of the Walt Disney Company! Disney is celebrating with a global 100 Years of Wonder campaign and we’re celebrating in our own way by going into an intimate personal space of Walt Disney himself… his office on the Walt Disney Studio lot in Burbank, California!

Today, we continue in our four-part series of pictorials looking into the working life of the man himself, Walt Disney. The permanent exhibition of Walt Disney’s office spaces are only accessible by special invite-only tours for D23 members (and other special guests) and first reopened as an exhibit in 2016. We had a chance to tour the space for ourselves in 2018.

If you’re ready to unwind from a hard day’s work, then kick back and relax while we explore Walt Disney’s private living space and kitchen.

Walt Disney’s Private Living Space and Kitchen

Although he didn’t use it often, a small private area with a sofa where he could rest or sleep was also a part of Walt’s office space. The area has since been repurposed into a tribute gallery: Walt Disney: A Life In Caricature which features several portraits done by Disney artists. The room also has on display several of his personal effects including his straw hat, reading glasses, a chrome penlight, a Bank of America deposit book, and more.

While nowhere near as ornate as his better-known private apartment at Disneyland above the Main Street Firehouse, it’s an interesting look back into the world of a man so dedicated to his pursuits that he found the need to have living spaces to use while he worked.


This photo, which hangs in the space, shows a bit of how the modest private area looked when Walt was alive.


Today, the space features more exhibition and tributes to Walt.

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Walt Disney’s Office Kitchen

A small private kitchen area in Walt’s working office could be revealed with the press of a fancy high-tech button. Walt Disney was famously a man of simple tastes and the cabinets are stocked with period packaging of some of his go-to favorite items including cans of SPAM, cartons of V8 juice, and of, course plenty cans of Hormel Chili con Carne and Gebhardt’s Chili with Beans.


20180816_150554 20180816_150601


The End!

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