It’s 2023 and that means it’s been a full century since the official formation of the Walt Disney Company! Disney is celebrating with a global 100 Years of Wonder campaign and we’re celebrating in our own way by going into an intimate personal space of Walt Disney himself… his office on the Walt Disney Studio lot in Burbank, California!

Today, we continue in our four-part series of pictorials looking into the working life of the man himself, Walt Disney. The permanent exhibition of Walt Disney’s office spaces are only accessible by special invite-only tours for D23 members (and other special guests) and first reopened as an exhibit in 2016. We had a chance to tour the space for ourselves in 2018.

Roll up your sleeves and feel free to whistle while you work as we take a look at Walt Disney’s working office.

Walt Disney’s Working Office

When he wasn’t playing at Disneyland or hosting guests in his formal office, Walt would get down brass tacks in his working office. This was a space filled with equal parts pixie dust and cigarette smoke as he toiled away reviewing scripts for new features, plans for updates in the parks, and the many other tasks of running a modern leading-edge creative empire.

This space features a mix of both personal and practical office bric-a-brac looking as though Walt might come in at any moment and continue reviewing plans for EPCOT, Pirates of the Caribbean, or The Jungle Book which were all in-progress projects that he never got to see through to completion. A leather bag sits on the floor beneath an organized pile of scripts while magazines, office supplies, and yes, a bunch of ashtrays dot the space. A large aerial photo of Disneyland highlights several other projects in development when Walt passed away.


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The End!

The photos in this pictorial were taken as part of one of many D23 Events held by the official Disney fan club every year. Visit for more details or check out some of our other coverage of D23 events below.

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