There’s no way anyone is expecting to visit the Super Nintendo World expansion at Universal Studios Hollywood and NOT find themselves getting some quality time with Mario, Luigi and Princess Peach. Thankfully, you can meet some of the Mushroom Kingdom’s most famous residents several times per day.

Here’s what you can expect when meeting characters in Super Nintendo World starting February 17, 2023. Letsa go!

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super nintendo world hollywood entrance 2 princess peach castle 20230118_125106Mario and Luigi usually do a greeting together in the center of the land at their designated meeting spot. Princess Peach will greet guests at the gazebo near her castle. There are signs at both locations that will tell you the next scheduled arrival time for the characters. A full schedule is not posted but you can always feel free to ask a Team Member for additional details.

The character sets are usually pretty short, about 10 minutes max. Unlike Disneyland where character greets can be bogged down autograph books, that largely doesn’t happen here so the lines move briskly. Team Members are also on hand to keep things moving quickly, taking photos, encouraging a love-and-shove and onto the next.

One interesting and unique detail about the character greets at Super Nintendo World is that the characters speak in short little catch phrases (yes, their mouths move!) and they can either blink their eyes (Mario and Luigi) or can move their eyes from side to side (Princess Peach).

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Ready to Play?

We’ve got your in-depth gamer’s guide on everything there is to do at Super Nintendo World, check out our guide pages below.

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See it for Yourself

Super Nintendo World at Universal Studios Hollywood officially opened February 17, 2023 and is now open daily.

The new Super Nintendo World expansion is located inside of Universal Studios Hollywood park and access is included with regular park admission. Super Nintendo World is not a separate theme park.

MORE INFO: For tickets, visit

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