Disneyland Resort has officially confirmed that MagicBand+ makes its west coast debut on October 26, 2022. But if you’re an eligible cast member, Magic Key holder, or Disney Vacation Club member there’s an early access opportunity to get your hands on exclusive Disneyland designs including a Magic Key option.

How to Setup Your MagicBand+

Once your MagicBand+ is in hand, it just takes a few steps to set it up and have it ready for use:

  1. MagicBand-Plus-Disneyland-Resort-setupPower on MagicBand+ by pressing on the button on the back once and tap the band to the back of your phone.
  2. You’ll be directed to open or download the Disneyland app.
  3. Follow the instructions in the Disneyland app to link the MagicBand+ to your Disney account, assign it to your ticket or pass and pair it to your smartphone.

The device is water resistant so you don’t have to worry about taking it off for water rides. It’s also got a rechargeable battery.

MagicBand+ comes with a USB charging cable to keep the magic running cotinuously. It’s important to note that when MagicBand+ debuted at Walt Disney World earlier this year, many users reported that the bands don’t come juiced with a full day’s charge. Make sure to to bring a power bank with you to make stay fully charged.

Ready to buy?

For details on MagicBand+ features and capabilities or details on where to purchase, check our posting below.

MORE INFO: MagicBand+ comes to Disneyland Oct. 26, early access for Magic Key, DVC, CM on Oct. 19

See it for Yourself

MagicBand+officially launches at Disneyland Resort on October 26, 2022. Early access opportunities begin October 19, 2022.