At San Diego-Comic Con today, X-MEN ’97 was a full retro rewind and flash forward with details about the new animated series coming to Disney+. In the panel, Brad Winderbaum talked about legacy of “X-Men: The Animated Series” and teased its impending return for not just a rousing first season but a second season was also confirmed.

Fans in attendance of the panel wre treated to a  sizzle reel featuring cast and creatives from the popular ‘90s animated show. X-MEN ’97 writer and executive producer Beau DeMayo spoke about the revival series, shared artwork, and presented an animatic AV piece. DeMayo also mentioned that the show will use the original “X-Men” theme music.

The X-MEN ’97 animated series from Marvel Studios explores new stories in the iconic ’90s timeline of the original animated series. Beau DeMayo is executive producer and head writer.

See it for Yourself

X-MEN ’97 will begin streaming exclusively on Disney+ Fall 2023.

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