Aulani, a Disney Resort & Spa is a glorious piece of paradise in Ko Olina, Hawaii where the magic of Disney springs to life in a fantastic Resort offering fantastic accommodations on its beach-front property. If you’re window shopping a vacation, we’ve poured over all of the details of one of the most common types of accommodations at Aulani to help you decide if your Disney-style vacation needs will be met on the island of Oahu!

For this trip in December 2021, we stayed in an Ocean View Deluxe Studio room which is meant to accommodate up to 4 adults with a king bed and a queen-size sleeper sofa. The property boasts both regular Resort Rooms and also the Deluxe Studio rooms which are meant for Disney Vacation Club Members. Of course, there are also Suites and Villas that span from 1- and 2- bedroom Villas to the massive 3-bedroom Grand Villa (which sleeps up to 12 adults). Each type of accommodation is further broken down by view categories which include (from most to least expensive): Ocean View, Poolside Gardens View, Partial Ocean View, Island Gardens View, and Standard View.

Room Tour

Before we take closer look at everything, enjoy our room tour video below taking a closer look at Room 1256 at Aulani, a Disney Resort & Spa!


We stayed in a Deluxe Studio Ocean View room which featured amenities that included a balcony with furniture and a kitchentte that included sink, mini refrigerator with freezer, microwave, coffee/tea maker, toaster, bottle opener, and corkscrew plus disposable flatware, dishes, and cups. In the closet, you’ll find hangers, a safe, and an iron with ironing board. We were told several other items are available on request including blenders and voltage converters (for international travelers) plus child-care-related items such as outlet covers, bottle warmer, high chair, bed rails, diaper disposal system, and crib.

aulani room 06 balcony 20211201_131249

aulani room 02 sitting area 20211201_135628 aulani room 01 general details 20211201_131809 aulani room 03 kitchenette 20211201_132328 aulani room 04 bathroom 20211201_132010

aulani room 01 general details 20211201_131536

The View

The Ocean Views at Aulani are truly spectacular, especially when they overlook Disney’s Waikolohe Valley which is the tropical hideaway they’ve built with shopping, dining, and gallons of water play areas.

aulani room 07 view20211202_172654

aulani room 07 view20211201_125802 aulani room 07 view20211201_125913

aulani room 07 view20211201_182328

The Kitchenette

There’s a fair amount of storage in the little kitchenette which tucks away a toaster and microwave oven conveniently ouf of the way but easily accssible. The small sink is handy for an additional station to get ready in the mornings. A selection of teas and coffee are available along with a paper towel rack. Disposable flatware, including chopsticks, is provided.

aulani room 03 kitchenette 20211201_132412

aulani room 03 kitchenette 20211201_132423

aulani room 03 kitchenette 20211201_132538 aulani room 03 kitchenette 20211201_132541

A look at the storage options including the mini-fridge. For an idea of size, we put a 7.5 oz mini can of soda for size reference (although full-size cans of soda would also fit fine) and two 1.5L water bottles. We purchased these beverages at one of the Walmarts on the island on our first day.

aulani room 03 kitchenette 20211201_132348 aulani room 03 kitchenette 20211201_132505 aulani room 03 kitchenette 20211201_133532 aulani room 03 kitchenette 20211201_133548 aulani room 03 kitchenette 20211201_135607 aulani room 03 kitchenette 20211201_135614

aulani room 03 kitchenette 20211201_132615

aulani room 03 kitchenette 20211201_132848 aulani room 03 kitchenette 20211201_133206 aulani room 03 kitchenette 20211201_133218 aulani room 03 kitchenette 20211201_133237

aulani room 04 bathroom 20211201_131841

The Bathroom

The bathroom features a tub/shower with rain head and adjustable hose plus a clothesline, a single sink, and a separated toilet area which allows for multiple morning activities to take place at once. Disney H2O+ products are provided Both the restroom and toilet feature pocket doors that can be locked.

aulani room 04 bathroom 20211201_132010

aulani room 04 bathroom 20211201_131837 aulani room 04 bathroom 20211201_132020 aulani room 04 bathroom 20211201_132026 aulani room 04 bathroom 20211201_132032

aulani room 04 bathroom 20211201_132049

aulani room 04 bathroom 20211201_132056 aulani room 04 bathroom 20211201_132104 aulani room 04 bathroom 20211201_132129 aulani room 04 bathroom 20211201_132146

aulani room 04 bathroom 20211201_132215

The Closet

Yes, we have a whole section dedicated to the closet. Aside from extra pillows and blankets, you’ll find the safe, iron and ironing board, hangers, and luggage stand.

aulani room 05 closet 20211201_133708 aulani room 05 closet 20211201_133713 aulani room 05 closet 20211201_133716 aulani room 05 closet 20211201_133906

There’s an emergency flashlight in the closet, too.

aulani room 05 closet 20211201_133736

aulani room 05 closet 20211201_133824 aulani room 05 closet 20211201_133827

The Electrical Outlets and USBs

Across our room in Aualni, we found no less than 22 available outlets that were not in use and we actually think might have even missed a few (like behind the coffee maker). For today’s tech-heavy power-needing vacations, this room will definitely keep you juiced so if this is the only place you’re staying while in Oahu then there’s no need for that surge protector!

MORE INFO: AULANI: How many electrical outlets are in a Deluxe Studio room at Disney’s premier Hawaii destination? We were surprised!

aulani room 08 electrical outlets plugs 20211201_131631

The Sleeper Sofa

Our room also featured a queen-sized sofa sleeper that easily converts and includes an ottoman that hides away an extra set of pillows and blanket. The comfort sleeper is made exclusively for Disney by the American Leather company.

aulani room 02 sitting area 20211201_131349

aulani room 02 sitting area 20211201_140022 aulani room 02 sitting area 20211201_140055

The couch cushions and throw pillows can be tucked away under the fold-out bed.

aulani room 02 sitting area 20211201_135733 aulani room 02 sitting area 20211201_135902

On the Television

The television in our room in December 2021 was a 55″-inch Samsung 690U Series hospitality television offering 4K UHD resolution plus HDR10+ picture technology. On the main menu you’ll find your room number and name on the screen plus a quick glance at the date, time, and weather. From the main menu, options to interact include Watch TV (which will take you into the regular cable channel rotation) plus Disney on Demand, Connect my Device, At Aulani Resort, Around the Island, and Settings.

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The Wifi Speed

If you’re on vacation, one of the last things you want to be worried about is the speed of the internet connection in your hotel room — especially when you’re at a Disney resort such as Aulani, a Disney Resort & Spa in Ko Olina. But sometimes the need may arise — perhaps an unexpected work need or you just really HAVE to upload that video review of your Mickey shaped-shave ice.

Our guide below takes a look at the wifi speed!

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The Mickey Lamp

Super fans of Aulani know, covet, and/or own a piece of the resort with this adorable Mickey lamp. It’s a fixture in the room but it’s also available for purchase in the Kalepa Store.

MORE INFO: AULANI: This Mickey lamp is a hotel fixture you can take home with you… for few hundred dollars!

aulani room 01 general details 20211201_131202

Around the Room

aulani room 01 general details 20211201_132222 aulani room 01 general details 20211201_132230 aulani room 01 general details 20211201_131608 aulani room 01 general details 20211201_131701 aulani room 01 general details 20211201_132247 aulani room 01 general details 20211201_131551

Now it’s time to say goodbye, to all our company!

aulani room 01 general details 20211201_123029

aulani room 01 general details 20211201_123117 aulani room 01 general details 20211201_123123

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