Some might say it’s not easy being green but in Hollywood, Green is Universal! Universal Studios Hollywood has officially debuted the first four electric trams in its fleet of 21 Studio Tour trams.

Weather and feature anchor, Al Roker features in a new video introduction aboard the trams which can be seen below.

Below are some pretty awesome fun facts about the new achievement.

  • Full conversion of the 21 trams from diesel-hydraulic engines to electric will help reduce carbon emissions as well reduce noise from the diesel-hydraulic engine.
  • WAVE (Wireless Advanced Vehicle Electrification) Installation of inductive charging technology by Ideanomics powers the whole operation.
  • Trams will routinely charge during the normal operation at the start and end of the attraction route. Coupled with a regenerative braking feature, the trams will continue to build up charge when they travel downhill.
  • The conversion to electric trams was spearheaded in 2017 by the technical services department and represents some of the first-ever and largest battery-powered, off-road, high-torque and low speed mass people movers in the U.S.

See it for Yourself!

Universal Studio Tour electric-powered trams are now in use Universal Studios Hollywood!