Santa might have just finished another big Christmas season but he’s far from settling in for a long winter’s nap. You can still visit the jolly old soul in the picturesque SkyPark at Santa’s Village outdoor adventure park in Lake Arrowhead, CA.

The park invited us to come check out the merriment just ahead of Christmas and we’re happy to share a peek at what we saw and everything that caught our eye!

Enjoy now a peek at everything to enjoy for the 2021 holiday season at SkyPark at Santa’s Village.

Experience Enhancements

SkyPark at Santa’s Village actually re-opened in 2016 as a reservation-required experience which fits in well in today’s pandemic-era park operations. Additionally, the park debuted with elastic cloth wristbands with RFID chips to confirm proof of paid admission. The park continues to enhance the experience for guests.

20211218_112018You can fulfil the safety waiver requirement (remember, this is an outdoor adventure park) by filling it out online before getting to the park. This literally took seconds and when we checked in at the Welcome House, they already had our waiver on file even though we’d only filled it out just 30 minutes before.

Reservations are also required to visit Santa and while this is still done the old fashioned way with a clipboard and pencil, it’s still a nice way to minimize time waiting and guaranteeing some some solid face time with big man in red.

PRO-TIP: Reservations to see Santa fill up VERY quickly so you’ll want to hit that up first thing when you enter the park to secure your reservation time!


20211218_153449 20211218_113904


PRO-TIP: If you miss out on an appointment with Santa, he usually alternates his schedule making less advertised first-come, first-serve appearances just to the right of the Christmas Coachworks cabin. Find one of Santa’s helpers there to see what time he might swing on by. Plus, grab a hot dog, soup and a hot cider while you wait!

A Lot More To Do!

SkyPark at Santa’s Village has continued to grow over the years bringing new experiences for guests of all ages. Keeping in line with the park’s outdoor adventure vibes, the additional experiences are appropriately rustic.

You can live your your Hawkeye/Kate Bishop Avenger (or maybe Merida) fantasy at Princess Evergreen’s Archery Range, channel your stress and take aim at King Celwyn’s Axe Challenge, or set your sights on the Northwoods Sharpshooter Gallery. And the best part? It’s all included with your admission! This is all in addition to the park’s other experiences including zipline, ice skating, rock climbing, biking and hiking trails, and more which are also all included.

PRO-TIP: Lines for these experiences an get pretty long, especially in the first half of the day. Use the short winter daytime hours to explore the park and its trails then return to these experiences at nightfall when there’s little to no wait, they’re all open and super well lit.


20211218_174712 20211218_180602 20211218_181921

Still Plenty for Tiny Tots

The Balance Trail (which swaps out strider bikes for snow shoes depending on the weather), Santa’s Workshop Exploritorium (where you can write letters to Santa or partake in other activities), plus the miniature train, bouldering room, an outdoor rustic playground, face painting, and more ensure plenty to do for the tiny tots to keep their eyes all aglow — and yes, all of it included with admission! Plus, there’s puppet shows and other entertainment to enjoy throughout the day!

Other fun features that require an upcharge include upcharge crafts in the Exploritorium, in-water panning arrowheads, gemstones, and minerals plus the Mountain Movers stationary miniature tractors that let you dig and move dirt.


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The Food is REALLY Good

BIlly’s BBQ House might be a little pricey but the food is absolutely stellar. We tried a HEARTY portion of Brisket and the BBQ Rib plate which each came with two sides and were really surprised by the great flavors and quality of everything we got. Plus, the Gingerbread House Bakery has yet to disappoint with seriously MUST-TRY cookies in a variety of flavors including Toffee Walnut, Mint Chocolate, and our long-time favorite: Gingerdoodle. Of course, the Pedal Pub is also available with a full selection of craft beers and cocktails.


20211218_135144 20211218_142343 20211218_162906 20180707_153619


IMG_9113 20211218_163607

Absolutely Picturesque

A picture says a thousand words. Just enjoy…






New Magic by Night

Once the sun goes down, the North Woods literally glow with new magic. Twinkling lights dot the village while the enchanted trail lights up with stories from the forest trees about their long storied history. The fabulous tree lighing at sun down has also been given a massive upgrade with a coordinated light show set to upbeat holiday music that literally syncs with the lights in the entire village. It’s a perfect kiss good night for the day and a wonderful opportunity for some magical selfies!


20211218_184400 20211218_184246





Digging Into Their Lore

Part of what makes a magical place believable are the inhabitants who live in that world and the park is continuing to take its in-park IP and really expand out into the park rebranding the Frozen Falls rock climbing tower, signage around the park, and even adding enchanted little cabins throughout the forest to continue building in the magical sense of wonder.

20211218_115502 20211218_120250


20211218_162629 20211218_171746

Looking Ahead

SkyRider is an attraction that the park has been hopeful to add to the roster for some time now that would utilize the track of the former Bumblebee Monorail. The re-imagined experience this time would swap out electronic Bumblebees in favor of self-powered bicycle pedal cars. Sounds like a good way to work off those holiday cookies and milk!


20211218_150623 20211218_150629 20211218_150634

See it for Yourself

20211218_111013SkyPark at Santa’s Village is is very much a destination park, you’ll want to make sure to get your admission and waivers squared away before making the drive up to Sky Forest for the smoothest possible experience.

  • Adults (Age 13-59): $69
  • Age 4-12 (and 60-79): $59
  • Under Age 3 (or over 75): FREE

MORE INFO: Official site for SkyPark at Santa’s VIllage