After more than 18 years, Santa is BACK! A classic Southern California favorite has reopened its doors and is now known as Skypark at Santa’s Village! For those keeping track, the amusement park originally opened just a few months BEFORE Disneyland in 1955!

Located in the picturesque Sky Forest near Lake Arrowhead, Skypark at Santa’s Village welcomes guests back to enjoy the beautiful natural scenery and offers a unique and wonderful way to experience the magic of the holidays.

We were invited to check the park out for its grand opening today and if you’re wondering what exactly is in store we’ve got you covered!

  1. Santa and his friends welcome you!

    Santa’s House is located in the center of the park and it’s in that charming little cabin that you can meet and greet with the jolly old soul. If you’re lucky, Mrs. Claus might also be home!

    Some of Santa’s other friends can also be found around the park including Princess Sugar Plum, Captain Tall Tale, and Santa’s faithful friend Arrow the arctic pup.

  2. It’s more rustic and magical than before

    A LOT of care has gone into bringing back Santa’s Village. Over the past 30 months, crews have been working to transform what was once a kitschy roadside amusement into an absolutely beautiful rustic village. There’s also a great assortment of postcards featuring retro photographs of the park.

    Years of careful renovation to several original structures (including 18 original log buildings) have taken color schemes formerly modeled after original 1950s tupperware pastels and updated it all to a charming picturesque landscape of log cabins dotting the beautiful forest landscape.

    The park is also ADA compliant, taking extensive measures to pave and grade the grounds to be accessible for all guests!

  3. A more active, adventure-focused experience

    You might have noticed that the new name for the park slightly de-emphasizes its seasonal aspect. Skypark at Santa’s Village is trying to make it clear that this is not just a Christmas stop. With a new focus on adventure and exploration, you’ll find new experiences that make the park worthy of year-round attendance.

    New all-year adventures on the way include hiking and biking trails, ziplines, and more. A lot of these components aren’t ready yet but are expected to debut in 2017.

  4. Nostalgia still runs high

    Santa’s Village may feel completely new but A LOT of care and respect for the past also came into play here. If you stop and talk to any of the truly passionate and friendly people who work in the park you’ll get a little more insights about the park’s return.

    Apart from careful devotion to restoring the old log cabins, lots of other steps were taken to keep a special intimacy to the park. Old trees on property were actually reclaimed and their wood was used in various areas including the beautiful hand-made desk and chair in Santa’s House. Tales abound if you talk to the right people!

  5. There’s more fun on the way in 2017

    Apart from the hiking and biking trails that we mentioned were on the way, the park will also be welcoming new enchanted forest trails to explore, conservation trails, fly fishing and the most exciting to anyone who remembers the original park… The BUMBLEBEE MONORAIL!

    The Bumblebee Monorail was an iconic attraction that featured bumblebee vehicles which were suspended on a track that wound around the property. That should be a very welcomed addition! The new bumblebees will be pedal-powered to help you burn off those Christmas cookies and milk.

    One of the original Bumblebee Monorail vehicles! A new pedal-powered Bumblebee Monorail is coming soon!

  6. Tickets ONLY available ONLINE


    If you plan on visiting SkyPark at Santa’s Village, you’ll HAVE to plan ahead and purchase your tickets online. Since the park is not fully officially opened yet–and due to permit issues–they are only allowed to use half of their available parking and so to help control this they are only allowing ticket sales online.

  7. Pricing details

    Adults (Age 13-59): $59
    Age 4-12 (and 60-79): $49
    Under 3 (and over 80): FREE

    Group rates are also available.

    Winter 2016 Deal

    Guests visiting during the 2016 Winter Season will receive a credit to return to the park again at 50% off. That way, they can come back and enjoy the park when all of its other additions are finally ready!

    For tickets and information, visit the official site.


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